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    So far as I know, CDMA networks provide a SIM with the iPhone 4S, so that you can roam onto GSM networks in other countries. If you don't need this ability, I don't see a problem with the SIM being removed. If your battery problem is SIM related as mine was, then I guess this would fix your problem.

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    CodLBi wrote:


    Hi rogerfromfrance,


    The micro sim card on the right (with the arrow) is my old micro sim card that I took from my iPhone 4 and put into my iPhone 4s. With this micro sim I experienced a 10% battery drain an hour.


    The micro sim card on the left is the new micro sim that improved my battery performance to approximately 2% battery drain an hour.


    You'll notice that the print lay-out on the new micro sim is different. Maybe the new micro sim card works better with the sim reader in the iPhone 4s resulting in a better performance.



    Hi CodLBi,

    The same for me. However, settings>phone>SIM Applications doesn't

    work properly. It seems the card reader on my 4S is not a good one anyway.

    It does not matter for now, but may be later, if Apple admit

    that some 4S do not have good card readers, i will ask

    for phone repleacement.

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    Your phone sounds similar to my first phone with high background usage during stand-by.  Have you done a full restore and set up as new phone but don't add apps, contacts, emaills, etc just to see how the phone performs with a virgin set-up. It's a hassel but it woud be interesting.  Also, with both of my phones, my battery drainage is significantly reduced in Airplane mode.  Among other things, I believe the phone inefficiently uses/recieves  wireless signals (especially 3G) either from the new antenna design or buggy software or both.

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    I'm on an officially unlocked iPhone 4S 64GB on iOS 5.0.1. I set up the iPhone as a new phone when i first bought it without restoring or any of that crap. I let the battery drain completely when i first set it up and then charged it to full and let it completely drain again. I've had the phone since the initial launch in October 14th and let did a full-charge from 0 about 8 or 9 times to date. Location services, iCloud etc all turned off, brightness never more than 40%. I use the phone moderately, Currently I have the mobile network turned off and just using Wifi and it's down at 75% with Time since last full charge usage at 3h17mins and Standby on 5h24mins. Brightness is at 50%. Are these good numbers?

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    Ive replaced my sim, clean restore from iTunes without backup and configured settings to maximize battery life; the issue is still existent.


    I lost 4% of battery typing this message. Another 8 while walking across the street and back from my apartment. Wifi and Bluetooth always off.

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    Hi rogerfromfrance,

    Interesting, with the old micro sim card I also had a malfunctioning "SIM applications" menu (items would light up blue but nothing else happened when pressed upon). With the new micro sim however the "SIM applications" feature has completely disappeared from the menu in settings>phone>. Seems my carrier (T-Mobile) has disabled this feature with the more recent micro sim cards.

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    Just returned by 4s before the 30 day period. The Apple store employee was not at all surpised when I told him the reason being poor battery life and a loud camera rattle. They were extremely nice about handling the return and even gave me a new sim card for my old phone, called ATT to activate it and made sure my 2 year contract was cancelled.


    When I asked him if I could test the display models for the camera rattle, he went with me and we found that only 40% of them rattled when we tapped on it. Could be a new batch. His own personal iPhone 4s (3 days old) did not make any sound at all.


    I also called Apple support and they told me that the camera should not make any sound because of the auto-focus ring or "imagae stabalizer" (It doesn't have one and it's done in software)

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    Well thats pretty obvious isn't it now...


    The new World Phone antena is not compatible with your carrier network and iPhone keeps sending welcoming signals... doesn't matter whether the mobile data is off... The phone has a hard time aquaring the gsm connection (double for 14,4 speeds), either because of the low range, or imcompatibility with the network...


    Thats why your resaults get so much better when GSM/CDMA radio is turned off altogether ..


    Apple says right in the Battery manual to turn on airplane mode when in low signal areas ... the difference is this is just half of the scenario ...

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    Hey guys,


    I'm watching this thread since the beginning and I'm sad that there is still no battery fix for the 4 S.


    I wanted to buy a Iphone 4 S on the release day but I decided to wait for some user experiences.


    I have some questions and need your help:


    I really want to buy an Iphone but should I wait until this battery problem is fixed or not? My old mobile phone is almost dying and I really need a new one. I would love to get an Iphone because I don't like the Samsungs or HTC ones but I'm a bit afraid of the whole battery thing and I'm thinking about getting another phone


    What will happen if this "iOS bug" turns really to a hardware issue? Will Apple give us "new" phones or repair the defect ones or do we have to live with that battery problem? Or will they say "not everyone has this problems so we have not to deal with that problem". Its because I've worked so long and hard to get that money for the phone and I would be angry if I had spend 600 € for a phone with issues.


    I really don't know what to do.

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    Personally, i like the iphone, quite a bit. But at this point i would not buy this phone.

    I could live with a faulty update for some time, but this is taking too long. But what annoys me the most is that we do not hear anything from Apple.

    So no, would not buy this phone at this moment.


    But i still like the iPhone ;)

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    Auto focus is mechanical, if you look at the lens it moves when it focuses, just liken the 4. Support get things wrong sometimes too.

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    I'm not quite sure how this stacks up with everyone else's battery performance. Is this considered good?


    It's an iPhone 4S running the current iOS 5.01 software.


    Regardless, I'm getting better battery life on my iPhone 4S than I ever did with my former BlackBerry Bold 9700 (known to be the champion of robust smartphone power management).

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    Those settings are all very trivial and obvious (no pun intended) and have been posted here before.


    Standby wise, according to apples specs, it should give you about 80% (0.5% per hour) but ofcourse those are without having services on. So 1% per hour should be ok, (i would be very with), which should give about 64%. Then ofcourse the 3 hours of use. Not sure what you did, but lets say you surfed the internet, which on 3g is about 9hours. You used about 3/9 which is 33%, 64-33=31%. You're pretty much on par with apple's specs.


    Whish i had your phone ;)

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    I think maybe that is the answer. If you want even better battery life you could turn it to airplane mode.  And then if you want even more battery time you could shut the phone off between uses.   Or you could leave it in the charger at home, then whenever you checked the battery it would read 100%.

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    yes those are generally good numbers.  75 at more than 3 hours is good.  i have 75 percent after just 45 minutes.  i lose 30 percent an hour