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After iOS 5 Upgrade Caller name not shown even though the contact is saved?

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    This happened to me too. Everything was fine til I upgraded to iOS 5! All my contacts have country codes as I travel frequently. The problem is when people calling me locally, iPhone can't match the numbers as the carrier does not send the country code. Example in Kuwait, I save numbers as +965xxxxxxxx. When I get a call in Kuwait, it appears only as xxxxxxxx and the iPhone cannot match it with my contact that has the +965. If I reformat the contact without the country code, it solves this problem but then I hit another problem with SMS as the carrier always sends the country code. The only workaround is to add the same number twice - one with country code and one without. This is unacceptable! Anyone know how to fix this?

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    I have the same problem in my iPhone iOS 5. I live in Yemen


    I need a fix for that

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    I can confirm that 5.1 beta 2 resolves the caller ID issues. Everything is back to normal in terms of contacts recognition with or without country code.

    It is just a matter of time for the final release to go public