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When trying to activate a new iPhone 4 get the message:


"Confirm your phone number:






The phone number should match the one provided when you purchased your iPhone.  If you want to use a different number, contact AT&T after activation.


If this number is different from the one provided when you purchased your iPhone, contact Apple at:

(800) MY-IPHONE"


The instructions say to call Apple, but after two hours on the the phone yesterday with AppleCare and AT&T, no luck on resolution.  I also went up to the AT&T corporate store and spent another two hours without resolution.


I ordered the iPhone via the Apple Online Store.  I called them and they had to idea how to fix the issue.


When I ordered my iPhone I put in the phone number on my account.  When I received the iPhone 4 yesterday from FedEx it displays a completely different phone number.  The instructions ask for the Zip and Last 4 of the Social Security number of the the person who owns this "314" phone number.  That is not me, so I have no idea what that would be. 


There is no way to bypass this screen.  Even restoring the iPhone as new results in the same display.


This is an Apple issue.  I was able to back track and find out that the serial number the Apple Online Store thought they shipped in fact WAS NOT.  It is two digits different!! 


Mistakes happen, but I wasted a whole day yesterday trying to fix this and noone can help me.  If anybody knows the fix please reply.  Thanks.