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I ask siri to create a reminder for me, and the reminder pops up on the screen and siri ask me to create it.  I say yes, but siri says she is unable to create the reminder, sorry.


What do I need to do to fix this?

iPhone 4, iOS 5, iPhone 4S
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    Problem solved.  I turned "on" reminders in the icloud settings.  Reminders are now being set by siri.

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    Ok I had the same problem.  My situation was that there wasn't a plus button on my reminders and Siri wasn't able to create any reminders for me.  After talking to an apple tech, checking all the settings on my phone and closing reminders she was stumped and I was frustrated.  I ended up deleting my iCloud account on my phone and then signing back into it and everything worked like a charm.  I told her she needed to spread the word.  Hope this helps everyone.

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    This will sound strange but the tech i spoke to at Apple first had me delete all the apps running in the multitasking tray (there were a lot).  Then he had me turn reminders off in iCloud settings and tap the red delete bar.  Then Siri allowed me to create reminders just fine.  Note when i went back into settings i noticed that reminders was still turned off.  So i turned it on and then Siri would not create reminders.  So I turned it off again and Siri creates reminders just fine.  go figure!

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    After reading previous solutions, I turned off reminders in iCloud settings, deleted old reminders as previously mentioned, but then turned reminders on again immediately.  Siri is now able to create reminders. 

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    All I did was open Reminders and close it to fix the problem.