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Fexxel Level 1 Level 1

The new update for Keynote for iOS (1.5) says that they now added AirPlay support. They didn't say this will only be for iPad2 or iPhone 4S where you could mirror anyway.



How can I enable Airplay on my iPad1 in Keynote, so that the presentation will show up on my AppleTV, and I can view the presenter notes on my iPad (exactly the way my VGA-cable works, I just want to work without that cord.)



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  • Guybrush-Threepwood Level 1 Level 1

    Sure can.


    Double click your home button

    Swipe from left to right

    Click the airplay button and choose your apple tv


    Now when you see the play button in keynote you should notice it has a box around it. Remote keynote baby

  • Fexxel Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for your reply.

    As I said I do NOT want to use an iPad2. I know that I can enable AirPlayMirroring in the Taskbar, and then start a keynote presenation afterwards.

    My question was how to do this on the iPad1. It doesn't support AirPlay-Mirroring, so it doesn't show me the Airplay button at all at any time, although Keynote is started and running. Since Apple did't say, it this feature will only be for those with AirPlayMirroring capabilties (iPad2 or iPhone4s and above), there needs to be a way how to start an AirPlayKeynotePresentation without the Airplaybutton in the Multitaskingbar.

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    Great answer! Solved the questions re. AirPlay I had on iPad (not 2). Thanks.