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On my Mac, within iCal, I can not sort Reminders manually.  I've deleted iCal Prefs and started over, but still cannot sort manually.  Any ideas? Thanks!

2.3 GHz Intel Core i5 Mac Mini, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Same situation for me.  I tried deleting the iCal preferences in the <home>/Library/Preferences folder, and then restarting the app... even rebooting my Mac... and I can't sort manually.  Is there a way that we should be reporting this to Apple?

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    The newest Version 5.0.1 (1547.4) of iCal, for Mac OSX Lion (Version 10.7.2), has the Sort Manually option for Reminders. As stated in the preceding reply, however, this option is not available in the iCloud Calendar. Therein lies the problem, apparently.


    Yesterday, I was on the phone with Apple Support for an nearly two hours, trying to get to the bottom of this issue. Not knowing the answer, the first person I talked to referred me to someone in the iApps department. The person in the iApps department could not resolve the problem either. So, I was referred to a senior technician in that department. After a lengthy diagnosis, this person confirmed that this is a system-wide problem in which the function is missing. The case was forwarded to the engineers, and I will be notified when they have a response.


    Once, I get the response, I will update this discussion thread.

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    Eagerly awaiting for the response from Apple and hoping it will shed some light on the issues I'm also having.


    I like Reminders on the iPhone and iPad and like to have the items in the order I've enter them, but I simply can't seem to be able to keep that order in iCal. I have tried all the sorting options and am at loss.


    So, at the moment iCal unfortunately ***** when it comes to Reminders. I would be happy with a Reminders application on the Mac. Does anyone know, if there is a 3rd party application for using Reminders on a Mac?

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    Here is the message I received from Apple Support regarding this issue:


    Apple Engineering confirmed iCloud calendar reminders cannot be sorted manually in iCal. If you would like to submit a feature request to have that added please visit - http://www.apple.com/feedback/icloud.html