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    This is very hard to deal with after waiting for so long to get this new IPhone 4S.  I has worked with out fail since I got it on Friday at 8am and this morning until about 3 hours ago.  Not sure what Apple is doing about it but I sure hope that they have a team of people working on it as hard as everyone had to work for the money to buy it.  I was trying to show a coworker how great it worked and the phone and myself looked stupid.

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    Okay...Went to the Apple store to get an anti-glare cover.  Talked to the geniuses there.  It's a network thing.  All of the voice functions are connected through the network.  No network equals no voice function.  If you think about the high volume times, as well as the inundation of new iPhone users, in conjunction with everyone testing out Siri, the network is all jammed up.  Mine is working now, and I have done nothing to change my phone.  I live in a high traffic area (outside of Chicago).  I'll bet people living in the big cities like Chicago, New York or LA have it the worst.



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    All of a sudden mine is working.  I should have tried it first, before clearing out the multi-apps.  I dumped all and Siri worked.  Now I went ahead and fired up a whole bunch of apps and it's still working.

    Everybody needs to let the proverbial dust settle as this is a monster launch.  I think the iPhone 4s is wonderful and Siri is phenominal.  Evrything will clear up.  Hang in there.

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    You should be able to turn Siri off and use the old voice commands like you used to.  I know this isn't the correct fix, but at least a viable work around until an update can correct whatever is going on.

    onesquin wrote:


    Mine is not working at all atm.  I don't why I need the network for siri to make a call?  The old voice control did not need it?  Saturday night I was driving at night trying to make a call and it could not connect to a network.  This is a feature regression in my opinion.  I love all the things siri can do and have used it constantly since I got my 4s.


    APPLE - ARE YOU LISTENING?  iOS v5.0.1 - Please have siri use the phone for local requests like calls, playlists and such(old voicecontrol options).  Everything else new with siri can go to the web.  There is no excuse for me not to be able to make a call while I am driving using voice control.

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    Was trying to show off my new toy,  and my Siri had also quit working.  Same message as most others.  "I'm sorry I am unable to connect to the network at this time"    Arrrggghhhh.   But resetting the whole thing did work and I didn't lose anything but a few minutes to reset ring tones, etc.   But that definitely will be a problem if syncing  is really necessary and everytime you sync ,  you lose Siri.   That's when I lost mine last night.

    I would imagine that since this has made it to national news that it will be fixed soon.  Apple surely doesn't want to ruin their reputation.

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    Siri worked pretty well form before ios 5.  With ios 5 it cannot connect to the network.  I am guessing that Apple did not plan correctly for the volume surge....

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    Can you turn off Siri and still use the Voice Dialing over the Bluetooth like on the 4?   That would work for me.

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    trux1 wrote:


    Can you turn off Siri and still use the Voice Dialing over the Bluetooth like on the 4?   That would work for me.

    Yes you can.

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    Check your keyboard settings and if you have Emoji keyboard enabled, disable it.

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    I tried rebooting, quitting all apps, turning off/on WiFi, resetting network settings, turning off/on Siri... none of those worked.


    I just erased all content from my iPhone 4S and restored it from a backup. Now Siri works.

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    I don't buy the busy network problem, that may be a part of it but Apple should have seen this coming..Right?? Siri has been down on my phone for 3 days now, no matter what time I try and I'm not in a heavily burdened market. I should point out that I own the iPhone4 on Verizon and that I have updated to iOS5, my new problem is now all of my sounds seem to be truncated, a text message (i use the morse code sound) beeps only twice (beep beep) thats it, My ringtone rings only once and falls silent, I'm also seeing a slower network speed and they haven't sold very many phones as yet in my market (the apple store is the only place you can get them as the cell carriers have yet to receive them), I'm a pc but I love my iPhone, I'm hoping that these along with the fact that I can't use one button as before to disable notifications will be fixed in an upcoming update....iHope...

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    CHECK YOUR KEYBOARD SETTINGS! If you have any other keyboard enabled like emoji or any international keyboards SIRI WON'T WORK.

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    I have checked it, thanks. I only have one keyboard enabled and that is the default english. I even went so far as to restore my phone last evening and to no avail. I'll check a friend today and see if her iPhone is working. I also un-installed the app and re-installed it. I don't know what else I can do, but as I said in another post, I'll just wait and see. It isn't like Siri is the reason for me to have an iPhone. I guess the only complaint I would have is that someone has reminded me that Siri is in Beta and I should just get used to it. If I owned a 4S that statement would make me upset as Siri is not being marketed as a Beta Program but IS being touted as one of the best assets of the 4S, I hope those who own it aren't have a problem. have a great day...:-)

  make and model?

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    ok, I figured it out. After re-installing the app and it still did not work I went to iTunes to find the app and look for news, lo and behold the app is no longer in the app store, it IS an integral part of the 4S and cannot be used on the iphone 4...not very nice...oh well

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    I have emoji installed and running on my phone and don't have any issues with Siri.

    Moparposterchild wrote:


    CHECK YOUR KEYBOARD SETTINGS! If you have any other keyboard enabled like emoji or any international keyboards SIRI WON'T WORK.