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  • DocShuman Level 1 (0 points)

    My Siri can never find a network and is useless. And voice to text no longer functions. Apple tells me Siri is a Beta verion and they hope to have an update available in 1 - 2 weeks to address this issue and a poor battery performance issue.  That is all the help I got. Just SORRY SIRI.

  • Brad Pennock Level 1 (0 points)
    1. Backup your iPhone to iTunes on your computer via USB sync cable.
    2. Erase all content from your iPhone... [Settings / General / Reset / Erase All Contents and Settings]
    3. When iPhone restarts, connect it to iTunes via USB sync cable.
    4. Restore your iPhone from the backup. This will take a while to copy all files back onto your iPhone.
    5. Make sure Siri is enabled... [Settings / General / Siri]
    6. Now Siri should work.
  • Stamner Level 1 (0 points)

    Siri works quite well when there is a network connection but the majority of the time there is no network connection and therefore "no help". If you get use to having Siri help and then it is not available, it is "VERY EXASPERATING" !!!!! It is probably too much demand and not enough capacity. It is going to be very disappointing if Siri service does not improve after all the Apple hype about Siri !!!!

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    Siri can repeat my question to me, but cannot give me answers to the most obvious questions 9 out of 10 tries (Like: What is today's date?) The rest of the time, it says it cannot get a network connection, even though I have a perfectly strong wifi signal reaching the iPhone 4s and my 2011 MacBook Pro 15".


    I have reset Siri, Reset the Phone, and Reset the Network setting, still the same results. None of these things fix it.


    Is this what I can expect from Siri from now on?


    Dragon Dictation and Dragon Go! give you 80% of Siri's functionality with hardly any problems.


    Yes, I know, Siri is still in Beta, but I have used hundreds of Beta softwares in my life that work more reliably than this Siri Beta.


    I just hope Apple will break the silence soon with some updates!

  • paulfromnorth richland hills Level 1 (0 points)

    I have emoji impact on Siri

  • paulfromnorth richland hills Level 1 (0 points)

    Wow! That sounds like a Windows fix.

  • Stamner Level 1 (0 points)

    Cycling, turning the phone off and on, seemed to bring Siri back into a functioning mode.

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    Send apple feedback. Request to have Siri intelligently switch between itself and the native voice app. Upon hearing "I'm sorry, but I am having trouble connecting to the network" and then having to back out, go to settings>general>Siri>off and then use voice control is kind of asanine!



    People hated the antenna problem, but enough feedback gave us the dual switching antenna.... imagine what Siri can be if you voice your concern in the right place.

  • rickfromknightdale Level 1 (0 points)

    My Siri has not worked at all for 2 days.  I went into Settings / General and turned off Siri, then I turned off Wifi.  I then held down the round home button and at the same time held down the power button until the apple logo appeared.   When the phone reset, I turned Wifi back on, then turned Siri back on.  Siri now works fine.

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    Couldn't get mine to work at all.  Simple hard reboot solved the problem.

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    Same problem. I did a full reset/restore (from itunes or icloud), and everything works fine now. A bit of a pain in the ***, but not too bad. Started the reset process, took a shower, then it's done, and Siri is working fine.

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    Siri should have stayed in the development stage.  It's a neat idea (a little obvious) but well ahead of what any other company is doing.  I love apple for staying one step ahead and producing user friendly powerful tools that not only look tempting, but WORK.  Apple machines don't crash, get viruses or freeze in the middle of your big presentation.


    Siri does not live up to the standard set by Steve Jobs.  It looks awesome in the commercials but that is not how it really works.  Could you imagine Siri telling Santa "I'm really sorry about this Santa but..."


    I don't mind typing things in.  The keyboard and spell check work fine.  Just hold Siri back until its perfect or come out w/ a beta version so people don't become massively frustrated.  It's things like Siri's performance that make me wonder where this company is going.  There needs to be an apple emulator company that pushes the envelope and starts competing w/ apple again.




    I for one am not using it until I hear or read that it has greatly improved.

  • ronniefromoh Level 1 (30 points)

    Try all of these:


    ~ Settings > General > Siri > ON - OFF > OFF > ON - OFF > ON


    ~ Hold in Home + Lock button: Ingore Red Bar: Let go when apple logo appears: Try Siri.


    ~ Software Update? This is if your phone isnt running on 5.1.1~


    Under iOS 5.1:


    (Using Computer) Open iTunes > Connect iPhone > Click on the label that says (Name)'s iPhone > Software Update


    iOS 5.1 and over:


    Settings > General > Software Update



    If that doesn't work, (on iPhone) call 611 and tell apple what's going on.


    Thank you,



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