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I bought my 4s yesterday and Siri was working fine out of the box.. I used it a few times and worked perfectly.

I used it this morning and was still working, then just stopped working.  Now it takes a long time to respond and responds with "sorry I am having trouble connecting to the network".

I have tried rebooting with different combinations, I have reset the network, and other suggestions that have been posted. Apperantly this is a problem alot of people are having right now. A search in google shows that alot of people are having this issue..... This is not  a good sign.

Has anyone have any new suggestions?

iOS 5
  • crh24 Level 3 Level 3 (920 points)

    It is likely that many 4S owners are playing with Siri right now.  Since the audio is decoded on the servers they are probably getting overloaded.  When things get back to normal there shouldn't be a major problem (he says with crossed fingers)...

  • jpaulus Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I am having the very same issue and yet Siri works just fine on my wife's phone.  It can't be just a server problem.

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    OK, FIXED SIRI! First I called Verizon and AT&T and Apple. Then after resetting my network settings and all that jazz, I decided to just reset all settings. It worked. I had to reset my settings and go through the setup again. NO, I did not lose my apps or my contacts this just resets all the user information. I synced it back to iTunes and BOOM---Lost SIRI. Had to reset it all over again. It seems to be in the syncing. I haven't synced my wife's nor mine back up since the second time and SIRI has worked great without problems. FYI, I synced 4s to iMac, 2 iMacbooks and to my **** (Dell). Just to let everyone know SIRI ceased to work after syncing to iTunes on all computers, and was fixed after resetting it from the reset menu under general.

    Ok that is all!

  • johnfromgarland Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Same thing with me, It says it cant connect to the network. My wifes works fine everytime. I doubt its a network overload issue.

  • gregcols Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    I also am having problems in Columbus !!  Hope they fix this soon !!!!!!!

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    Same issue from N. Ga.  Had earlier issue over weekend and after turning Siri on and off, it worked fine.  As of 2 hours ago, Siri hasn't been able to connect to the network regardless of all attempts to reset.  I'm getting data over 3G just fine. 

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    Same here:


    Siri was working at launch through yesterday.


    This morning 10/17 - I am getting the same "can't connect to network" error response.


    Disabled NEWTORK and SIRI, REBOOT.  No luck.

    Local network showing strong 3G single on status bar.

    Not connected to WIFI.

    Haven't attempted restore or sync.


    Regional Location: Southern California

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    I'm having the same problem !

  • Bob E Boy Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    My phone is doin the same thing.. I was disabling sire reseting the net work and then the phone and the re-enabling siri.  and is doesnt work.. It stopped working for me around 6:00pm ET   I was applying the reset fix  i had to do it multiple times.  it started to work around 1130pm ET and when i woke up this morning around 900am ET agian it will not work.  I keep getting  "can not connected to network"   i have tried all resets suggested no luck..  I thing apple needs to stregthen and boost capacity on there server end.   I came to this IPhone soley bc of Siri and with out the leading software that i believe separates Apple from the rest.. this phone is junk hardware.. I was furious when i learned that the RAM is only 500mb.. all new droids have a Gig with the dual core processors.. 


    Why would apple put a dual core chip in a phone with little/no RAM??????     I believe this is whats causing all alot of issues with Siri...  If you have mulitle apps open or in the inactive state.. there is NO Room in the memory for Siri to run and function properly!

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    Mine is not working at all atm.  I don't why I need the network for siri to make a call?  The old voice control did not need it?  Saturday night I was driving at night trying to make a call and it could not connect to a network.  This is a feature regression in my opinion.  I love all the things siri can do and have used it constantly since I got my 4s.


    APPLE - ARE YOU LISTENING?  iOS v5.0.1 - Please have siri use the phone for local requests like calls, playlists and such(old voicecontrol options).  Everything else new with siri can go to the web.  There is no excuse for me not to be able to make a call while I am driving using voice control.

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    I'm having the same issue.  I bought the phone on Friday and had no issues with Siri.  Today, Monday, I'm being told it can't connect to the network.  I'm also getting some messages about data usage which is odd since I've never gotten those messages with my two previous iphones.

  • Chris Parana Level 1 Level 1 (15 points)

    There's a lot of reasons why there's "only" 512MB of RAM. Raw specs don't mean everything, and the issues your are having are not related the amount of RAM in your device. Siri depends on a powerful backend on Apple's servers. If the servers are getting hammered with too many requests, yours may not go through.


    Check out this article on the RAM question.


    It gives a pretty good explanation.

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    If you still think RAM or CPU speed is important, look at this benchmark:


  • mattfrommaplewood Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Do you realize the ramifications of this? I was in my car, expecting to use the "Call person name, mobile" command and I could no longer do handsfree dialing.


    Siri now apparently requires network connectivity to do basic voice commands. It also requires Siri's servers to stay online 100% of the time.


    This is going to cause atleast a few car crashes due to this loss of capability. I want my old handsfree dialing back so I can keep my eyes on the road!


    Apple really messed up here. It should revert back to the old voice control engine in the event that SIRI is down.

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