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Hi there,

I know that they say Siri works out the box and will get to know you voice and dialect / accent over time, BUT is there a way to train or correct Siri? I say "Phone my wife" and it keeps returning "Find my wife", surely there must be some exercises or speach recognistion you can perform. i.e. type over Find with Phone and repeat or something?



iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    I have the same question.  I say "Chrissie is my wife" because thats how she spells her name and that is what it is in my contacts.


    Siri replies "I don't who Chrissy is. She is not in your contacts."


    Tried 3 times.  I wanted to get the response right so I tried it again and it worked, recognized the ie on the end of her name.  How di I be more explicit with this stuff though?

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    I figured this out. Go edit your personal contact for yourself and add your spouse. Then it will know who your wife is and pull her information when you ask for her. Worked for me.

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    You need to get Siri to know who your contacts are.


    I did the following and it worked 100% and remembered details about my office, my brother, sister etc.. etc..



    Ask Siri:  Who is my wife?

    Siri will then ask you to tell her who your wife is, she will then pull up the details from your contact and you simply need to confirm this.


    Do the same for all other contacts you want Siri to remember.


    As for locations, all you need to do is open your MAP app, type in an address and then place a pin there. Click on the PIN and then ADD TO CONTACT. Once in the contact simply add the tag, i.e. Home, Cinema, Office etc..


    Siri will now remember this when you ask: Remind me to check the water when i get home.


    Since it will know what your home address is it will create the reminder message.


    When you ask it to: Send a text to my wife and let her know that i will be 30 mins late. Siri will auto create a SMS message and write: I will be 30 mins late!



    Hope this helps,




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    I had the same problem.  I went into my contacts area and for each contact that was having trouble being understood by Siri, I edited that contact, added the Phoenetic First and Phoenetic Last name fields, saved the contact, and Walla!  Siri understood that.

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    Say "call" instead of phone. Siri probably doesn't recognize it because "phone" is not commonly used as a verb.