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I synched my new phone using iTunes, but iTunes is saying that the phone's not authorized to play my purchased music. How do I authorize a phone?

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    You don't authorize devices, you authorize computers: iTunes>Store>Authorize this Computer.

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    Then maybe I have another issue. My computer is authorized, and I have three total authorized devices (my old iPhone 3GS, my laptop and my iPad). I just got the iPhone 4S yesterday, and when I try to sync my music, I get the error message that "Some of the items in the iTunes library were not copied to the iPhone because you are not authorized for them on this computer. The items that it lists that can't be copied include CDs I've purchased and imported to my laptop.



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    On the top of  iTunes where File, Edit and all that are, there's a  tab that says [Store] click on it. It will give you some options, go down to {Authorize this Computor...}. It will then ask for your Apple ID and Password, enter those in then click [Authorize]

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    I have the same issue.  I then choose Authorize this Computer and I get back the message:


    This computer is already authorized.  You have used 1 of 5 devices. 


    BUT when I click to sync that same iPhone one second later...I get this message:


    This computer is not authorized for apps that are installed on the iphone.  Would you like to authorize this computer.  If you do not click authorize, 7 apps will be deleted from the iphone.  Would you like to authorize?

    I click 'authorize' and put in my userid/password and I get back the message that this computer is already authorized and I have used 1 or 5 devices.


    AND then it brings up the message AGAIN that this computer is not authorized for the apps and the vicious cycle never ends.


    Help please.  I am in the iPhone app development business and I can't sync and test anything am about at wits end.  One of my friends accidentally erased my Safari browser and it appears I cannot get that back unless I can sync, if that will even help. 


    By the way, all of the apps on the iPhone were purchased using the same ID as I'm using on my computer.

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    Same experience as described.  Computer already authorized, but new iPhone can't get anything (my music or apps)- error message above as described.  What to do?

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    I have the same problem as sdonohue also. Did any body give a response to this that I might read and enjoy once again?

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    You all have more than one apple id. You need to use the apple id you purchased those apps with