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I wish I knew what this meant.  When this whole thing started I was simply trying to update to iTunes 10.5.  Everytime I did I would get a message telling me errors occured (exactly what it said, nothing specific given), and if it keeps happening to install maunally.  Well, I tried that as well, but when I tired it told me my system hasn't been modfied.  So, I unistall iTunes and reinstall thinking it may do some good.  Apparently not, when I try to install iTunes, guess what it tells me.  "The installer encountered errors before iTunes could be configured. Errors occurred during installation. Your system has not yet been modified.

Please run installer again or click Finish to exit."


Everytime I try to install I get the same message. So someone please tell me how to modify my system, or what might be going on here.  I'd like to enjoy iOS5 before my 3gs is phased out.

iPhone 3GS, Windows Vista
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    I get some thing similer, (windows installer package) not working

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    It seems a lot of people are having this problem too.  If anyone sees a solution feel free to post a link.

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    Found this on another thread and it worked for me, syncing as we text to my ipod


    Step #1) Go to Apple download and update your Quick time to 7.7 (do not update anything else cuz you can't)


    Step #2) Go to control panel, add/remove programs, and click on "apple application support", click change, and repair. Do same to apple mobile devise support, click change and repair, then to apple software update, click change and click repair.


    Step #3) Push Ctrl, Alt & Delete to see if your "bonjour" service is running. If not you have to turn it on by going to control panel, Admin tools, then services.


    Step #4) Now you can click on "itunessetup.exe" file that you downloaded. If you haven't you need to download.


    Step #5) Now it will install without any problems.


    Step #6) To sync with your iphone you MUST restart your computer.

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    actually  just went to control panel and add/remove software and went to all apple software hit change and then repair. I didnt bother with any of the other stuff bar restarting the pc.