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I updated my iOS software two nights ago to 5, and ever since, the only messages I can send or receive are iMessages. Text messages look like they send, but no one is actually getting them, and I am not receiving any from others. Pictures simply give me a send error message. Should I try reinstalling the software or maybe doing a restore?

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    I am having similar problems with the exception being that I get an error only when sending picture messages. Plain text messages seem to work fine. I tried restarting the phone but got the same results. I even tried turning off wi-fi, iMessage, and logged in and out of my apple ID account but still can not send picture MMS.

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    I have the 4s and it developed the same issue today. I could send/recieve from anyone but then sometime this afternoon I could only send/recieve from iPhone users only. Weird. I have done a full factory reset with no luck. Anyone have any ideas?

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    After nearly two full days of being unable to send or receive texts, everything suddenly started working again this afternoon. As far as I can tell, nothing I did made the difference; I didn't restore or find a setting that would cause the change. It just started working... Strange.

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    Ok random..after about 7 hours mine just started working again. Oh well

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    When I woke up this a.m. I was hopeful that all would be well. No such luck! I still can not send pictures and even sending pics to my email via mms does not work. I cant make or recieve calls either. I'll try reseting my network settings again but if that doesn't work then it's back to the at&t store for me!

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    I ended up taking the phone back to AT&T and they determined that it was a faulty unit. Just replaced it and am now scared to update to ios5. I think I'll wait till the bugs are worked out!!

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    you aren't receiving text messages because of a recent change in the way ios5 allocates space for the messages app.  It used to be that the messages app could store as many messages in memory as you had space, but with ios5, they have drastically reduced this "unlimited" storage amount to a mere 15MB (most likely to keep the messages app from slowing up).  Depending on how many MMS messages you've sent/received, this is anywhere between 50k and 75k messages.


    Moral of the story is you will have to delete a good amount of your text messages (else restore and setup your device as a new device and not restore from backup).  If you're like me and don't really want to part ways with all the memories you have in SMS form on your iphone, you can try a utility called PhoneView for mac, that allows you to see and archive all your text messages to your computer.  This is only available for mac but there is a competent PC version called TouchCopy11 that you could use as well.  Bad news is none of these are free.  If you don't really care about saving your SMS messages from the past, then by all means delete all the ones you don't need and you'll see you're device will begin receiving texts again.



    Hope this helps.


    refer: http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1498?viewlocale=en_US

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    I have the same problem now for well over a week.  Even updating to 5.0.1 has not changed matters.  I deleted all my messages and restored several times but it still wont work.  Looks as if I need to go back to the store?

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    Unfortunately, this did not help me. I'm experiencing the same problems and have been for a couple of weeks. I've deleted all sms messages, done a couple of factory reboots, synced, etc. Nothing. ugh.


    I think there are two problems with this same result of no sms messaging. One is hitting the 75k sms limit, the other is????

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    I have been experiancing this problem with my iphone4 as well, i have searched everywhere for a solution to fix this issue. The only one I have come across that worked for me is reseting network settings, to do this go into: Settings --> General --> Reset --> Reset Network Settings.

    However once connecting back onto Wi-Fi or 3G my phone would no longer send or recieve messages. I have updated to 5.0.1, tried restoring it and nothing has worked. Try this solution (Settings --> General --> Reset --> Reset Network Settings) but i can't guarentee it working. I just hope Apple will fix this issue ASAP!

    I haven't tried yet, but try and restore to a previous iPhone version - 4.3.1, or any other version before iOS5.

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    For all those who are having a problem with sending or recieving texts of any kind or even calls, I have a possible cause and fix for you. About a week ago I flew to SoCal and of course put my phone on Airplane Mode. After I took it off Airplane Mode I found that my phone no longer would send or recieve text messages. I could of course still get iMessages. I tried all the hundred and one things that Apple tells you to do and nothing worked.

    Then I found an old post and tried what they said. I called my Service Provider and requested they reset the network to my phone on their end. I had to go through everything again with a lower end tech to prove I tried everything before they escalated my call to another tech who verified my information, had me turn off my phone, and then he re-set the network connections on my phone. He had me text several people and get texts back to make sure it worked. All the problems were fixed immediately.

    According to the tech sometimes when the Network Connection is disconnected (ie powering off, syncing, restoring, the battery dying or putting the phone on Airplane Mode), when the connection is re-activated, it sometimes might not connect correctly on the networks end and all they have to do is re-set it.


    Good luck and I hope this helps you.

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    For some reason my iPhone4 was not sending messages either, i just reset the network settings a few times one after the other and it just fixed its self, im not sure if it was the phone or my network company..

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    not sure what carrier you are using but i use straighttalk and had same issue....here is how i resolved it


    1. delete any profiles you have saved settings>general>profile  delete if you see profile there if not go to step 2

    2. turn on wifi (my internet was also not working)

    3. open safari

    4. type iapnupdatetfdata.straighttalk.com

    5. download profile

    6. turn off wifi

    7. turn off phone

    8. turn on phone


    my internet and pictures worked after this, any user, any carrier, no issues....hope this is helpful!

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    Simply resetting my network settings did the trick for me - with ATT & iPhone 4. The cause did seem to be putting the phone into Airplane Mode... Hope this helps someone!