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what is the difference between an Imessage and sms

iOS 5
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    An iMessage is similar to a standard SMS text message. However, it is transmitted via the new iMessage service in iOS 5, instead of through your wireless phone carrier. The messages application in your iPhone can send both iMessages, and SMS text messages. You can tell which is being sent, becasue iMessages are blue, and standard SMS text messages are the same green color you are used to. You can enable or diable iMessage in the message settings in iOS 5.


    If you have iMessage enabled, your iPhone will automatically switch back and forth between iMessage and SMS depending on i) whether you have an active wifi or 3G data connection, and ii) whether the individual you are messaging also has a device that supports, and has enabled iMessage.


    If you send an iMessage, you will not incurr a charge from your wireless carrier like you would for a typical SMS text message.


    Hope that helps.

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    Hi there,


    Sorry to butt into your conversation, but can I ask something?


    I have recently sent iMessages to a contact.  Turns out that my message was picked up on not just his iPhone, but on his son's as well.

    The only common link being that they both use a "family" email address (no idea if this is even relevant)


    Why would this happen?



    Any ideas?




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    This is because they have iMessage on both devices set to authenticate with the same e-mail address. This is the default if they were using a single Apple ID for the family.

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    Noted with thanks, KiltedTim.

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    Hi can I ask another question? I'm in the UK and if I send an iMessage to a friend in Spain, who runs iOS 5 on his device and has enabled iMessage, however he has no Wi-Fi or 3G, he has only 2G provided from his mobile operator.  Will iMessage still work?

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    Yes Imessage should still deliver on GPRS or Edge network connection which as far as I am aware is 2G.



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    After upgrading my iPhone to the iOS5 software, my wife and I (who do not have a texting plan and previously did not "text") began using iMessaging.  After about two weeks of use and nearly 190 iMessages we received an "Alert of Excessive Texting" from AT &T telling us we were about to incur huge texting costst at $0.20 per text.  When I contacted AT&T the rep was of little help.  She did not know the difference in "texting" and iMessages.  I went through more than 3 other reps - all seemed to be ignorant of this iMessages program.  I tried to explain but to no avail.  I told them I had no intention of paying any texting charges and would fight them in court if they persisted.  My bill is due any day now, so we shall see.  My major concern is that where I live, we have no 3G or Wi-Fi...just E.  But my iMessages show up in blue...so I'm trusting these are iMessages, as they say they are.  Seems Apple has failed in some of their marketing responsibilities with data plan carriers.  Has anyone else had these issues?

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    if the show blue they should be imessage and i would definetly fight it. look at the entry windows whe you start typing. it shoul say imessage. also to avoid paying att call and have them add an sms block to your lines. then there is no excuse for charges. all carriers that sell iphone are freaking out becasue sms plans are such a cash cow and now with native internet messaging on iphone and blackberry they stand to loose millions

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    If i send an SMS mesage to an Iphone, will the receiving phone be the only device that receives it? Example the receiving iphone also has imessage on an ipad using the same account. If I send an SMS mesage, wil the Ipad receive it also or will only the iphone receive it?

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    It will depend on how the user of those devices has them set up. If someone has an iPhone and an iPad, both using the same Apple ID, they do have the option of receiving iMessages on both.

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    Yes, but if I send an SMS message by disabling immesage from my iphone does the same hppen.

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    SMS will only go to the phone.