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My husband set up his iPhone 4s last night with no issues at all.  I set mine up a bit later and it did not prompt me to set up iCloud at all, which we thought was odd.  My apps transferred over from my 3GS, but that's all.  My phone automatically synced up with my husband's iCloud info and I cannot change it!  I have all my husband's contacts in my phone and none of mine.  The apple ID in my phone is somehow set up as my husband's.  I was able to add my own email accounts, but otherwise everything else is his. I am able to log into icloud.com without issue, but I can't get to my own account with my phone.  I'm not sure if I'm explaining this well--it's a bit confusing!  Anyone else with multiple accounts in one home having similar trouble?

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    If you go into settings -> store, it should probably say your husband's account. Try changing this and see what happens.

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    I've tried that but it only gives me the option to delete my husband's account. Forgive the naïve question, but if I do that will it wipe out his account or simply delete it from my device?

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    I'm sorry--Yes, I did log him out of store and logged in as myself, but I cannot change through iCloud.

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    Interesting because it should give you the option of logging out. However, I just tried this on my own phone, and it didn't affect the iCloud account at all. I'm assuming you are using a 4S as well? When you set up the new phone, did you do it through iTunes? If so, did you go through the same iTunes your husband does? Specifically, was it in the same user account on the computer itself? Because there is a possibility that your husband's iCloud account could be tied to that iTunes account, but I'm not sure. Is your 3gs running an iteration of iOS 4, or did you update that to 5? You may want to use itunes on a seperate user account on the computer and set it up from there... Also, you could set up your new phone independantly of the computer assuming it is a 4S. You may not get your app data, but it would force it to use your own iCloud account.


    So in summary, I would try it in this order:

    1 Restore to factory settings, then when you set it up again, make sure you pay close attention as it goes through the set up of iCloud.

    2 if that doesn't work, restore and set up as a new phone independant of the computer.

    3 try using iTunes on a seperate user account on the computer.

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    I have the exact same scenario and am afraid to delete my iCloud sign in/account from daughter's iPod Touch 4, in fear it will entirely delete my iCloud account!  Hoping for an answer . . .

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    Thanks . . . deleting worked fine in my same scenario!  Just deleted daughter from backing up to my iCloud but did not affect me being able to back up to my iCloud. 

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    I have the same problem.


    The move from iPhone 3GS to 4S has been a monumental failure for me. The folks at the Apple store said I should create a new iTunes account on a DIFFERENT ACCOUNT on my wife's computer and then see how that works. I don't know if this would work or not, but it would likely irritate my wife to no end so as it stands now I need a better solution.

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    Thanks, everyone, for letting me know I'm not alone--or crazy, lol!  I have it all straightened out, thanks to tookyfes. I restored my new phone back to factory settings then went through set-up. This time it actually worked--it definitely did not go through a set-up process the first time, and I'm still unsure why.  I had also updated the old 3s to iOS 5, so when I restored the new iPhone 4 to my most recent backup, all of my apps (in their proper file folders!) transferred over beautifully. My husband was happier with my phone after I monkeyed with it and has decided to restore HIS phone to factory settings and set it up again. Just for reference, we have separate iTunes accounts and separate computers, so I'm not certain why the mixup occurred in the first place. But if you are still having similar trouble, try restoring to factory settings and then reconfigure once more. Worked for me!

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    i have this same problem only my mums phone has all my contacts and none of her own the only diffrence betwwen mine and your problem is that we share the same icloud account we really need help with this problem