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Hi there,


We hit a glitch with sending text messages via Siri.


I have an iPad and an Android phone.  Using iMessage between my iPad and her iPhone works fine.  She can also send a text to my phone with no trouble by making sure she selects the "SMS" thread in iMessage (which is a whole other annoyance...). 


The problem is when she asks Siri to send me a text message, it defaults to sending an iMessage to my iPad, and therefore nothing goes to my phone.  That kind of ruins what would be a very frequently used feature.   Any ideas on how to get it to default to the phone number and not apple ID?




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    Hi Sean,


    First of all, check what the two phone numbers are called in her contacts (i.e. "home", "mobile", etc.) If your android phone is titled "mobile", ask Siri, "Text Sean, mobile..." and tell her your message. Siri seems to get confused sometimes when you text two numbers under the same contact. Hope this helps!