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I intended to have daughter's iPod 4 (originally sharing my Apple ID and iTunes acct but I set up her own Apple ID and iTunes acct and backed up/synced her iPod to her new accounts before upgrading her iPod to iOS 5) have her own iCloud. Somehow thru setup (even though I entered her new Apple ID) she is sharing my iCloud account -- ugh!


If I delete my iCloud account from her iPod will it delete MY entire iCloud account or only delete her from backing up to my Cloud?  I want all our stuff to be totally separated now but will this somehow affect her prevoius purchases through my Apple/iTunes account?


Thanks in advance for all your knowledge!

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    More info:

    I checked daughter's iCloud account online and lo and behold, it appears her iPod IS backing up there, even though in her iPod settings iCloud account info/login is mine.  Totally confused . . . Help!

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    I bit the bullet and just deleted my iCloud account from daughter's iPod and was able to then add her iCloud account info.  It appears this did NOT affect my iCloud account, thank goodness! But we haven't plugged in yet to back up to separate cloud accounts, so keeping fingers crossed!