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  • mikedemo Level 1 Level 1

    Do you think it could also be causing a rapid drop in the battery charge when using the phone. My previous phone was the 3G and it seemed to last longer than this 4S.


    With the short battery life, internal buzzing/fuzzy noise, and echos in every other call, I have  to going over to Apple or AT&T and get this phone replaced ASAP. Hopefully tommorow.

  • BSUBCSBUSTIN Level 1 Level 1

    Yea I just made an appointment and will see what happens. My phone also has a rattling noise that I read about here

    So hopefully they can do somethin for me.

  • amaneta Level 1 Level 1

    Same here. AT&T, 64GB iPhone 4s. Fix please Apple!

  • mikedemo Level 1 Level 1

    I just got off the phone with Apple, and set up an appointment, the earliest I could get is this tuesday. I have a strong feeling they're going to replace my 7 days old iPhone 4S and study it. I hope the replacement doesn't have the same issues.


    From the sound of their reaction at Apple, they do not seem very aware of the problem, so I highly recommend that you all call in about this issue. Doing so will make Apple take the issue seriously and have the folks that work in the Apple store not look at you like you are crazy, when you describe the symptoms. It may not be widespread, but to read some people around the world decribe exactly what I have been experienceing, tells me that its something that should be addressed.


    So call Apple or use their feedback page, or do both. The point is make them aware. Good luck and have a little patience.


    I'll be back to tell how my issues were resolved.

  • johnnyoffline Level 1 Level 1

    When I disable Siri the crackling sound stops for me. Not sure if specs matter, but: iPhone4S Black 32GB, AT&T

  • Matthijst Level 1 Level 1

    Stopped for how long?

    Turning off Sirri didnt change it for me.

  • M.A Level 2 Level 2

    Send Apple feedback on the iPhone AND call them!

  • M.A Level 2 Level 2

    I just spoke to Apple support. Here is how it went.


    I was told to do a full restore as new and that if the problem still exsists that would confirm it is a hardware issue and not software related. If it is hardware related I was told I would send the phone in for a replacement with a brand new (NOT a service or refurbished phone).


    The big concern is that I already see sveral here that have received replacements that still exhibit the static issue.

  • BSUBCSBUSTIN Level 1 Level 1

    My phone was replaced. I know longer have a rattle when the phone is shaken but if u tap by the camera u can here it which I have read is natural. As far as the static noise that is still very present

  • Matthijst Level 1 Level 1

    Do you guys use a 'real' micro SIM, or a cut one?

  • inTheHeartofTexas Level 1 Level 1

    As mentioned in this thread (Static Issue When Using iP4S' iPod), turning Sound Check ON eliminates the faint static in the earpiece when making calls on my 16GB AT&T iPhone 4S. I hope Apple gets an update to fix this issue and the battery issues out the door quickly.

  • Matthijst Level 1 Level 1

    You mean the setting under "Music"?

    Just tried that and it makes no difference on my phone: still noise when I make a call.

    I can see how it would help when playing music, as it's a 'music'  setting...


    Please make a few calls before saying some setting solved it.

    I just made 4 calls to voicemail that were fine, the 5th one had noise again.

  • inTheHeartofTexas Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, the setting under music. I made 12 calls before posting and it solved the issue on my phone. I didn't say it would work for everyone, I said it fixed the issue on my phone. Its likely that the issue is caused by more than one factor so YMMV.

  • AppleFanFromTexas Level 1 Level 1

    I am having the same issue with black 64GB on AT&T.  It seems the Echo, static, not connecting, and inability to hear the other user are all the same issue???  I am on my second phone.  Wife's has same issue. 

  • Tebald Level 1 Level 1

    I'm expierencing the same thing. This noise I hear, does NOT come from the speaker itself. It comes from inside the phone itself. The sound can be heard when I use any App that transfers data.


    Had my iPhone replaced today, but still the same problem. I also have the second SIM-Card (is that the right word in english?), but still the same...


    When I eject the SIM-Card and use an App that connects to the internet the sound is I think this problem (of mine) is related to the provider, or Apple gave me two broken phones in a row..

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