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Before I was able to select a group of pictures to either share, copy, or delete. Now I can't delete them.... Somehow the files from my computer are not showing up correctly on my iPhone 4s, it has put pictures from other files together that shouldn't be. Now I want to completely take all pictures off my iPhone and start over to see if that helps. HELP!!!!!

iPhone 4, iOS 5
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10

    Photos transferred from your computer to your iPhone via the iTunes sync transfer process cannot be deleted direct from your iPhone. These photos are deleted from your iPhone in the same way - via the iTunes sync process.


    You can remove all photos from your iPhone that were transferred from your computer by deselecting Sync Photos under the Photos tab for your iPhone sync preferences with iTunes followed by a sync.

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    Did that and it still will not remove them from my IPhone!

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    Sort it out! Soooooo frustrating!!

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    Allan Sampson is correct, you can only delete pictures from your 'camera roll' directly on your iPhone 4S.  All other pictures must be deleted via syncing with iTunes.  To delete them all and start over, uncheck the Sync Photos option (top of page in itunes photos screen) and click "Apply" at the bottom right.  All the pictures that were brought over from iPhoto to your phone will be removed, except any photos in your camera roll and photo stream, those will stay.


    Personally I think it's a bit of a bug not being able to delete photos directly on the phone...I hope Apple can fix this for the next update!!


    I also find it frustrating that if I've made changes to the albums in iPhoto, iTunes sync doesn't seem to recognize the changes, still shows the old albums unless you 'eject' your iPhone and then plug back in - now the album changes are recognized by iTunes and you can sync back with new/changed photos


    Learning curve...

  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10

    Not a bit of a bug or otherwise. This is by design and intention, which has been in place since the original iPhone was released well over 4 years ago.

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    Since this is my first iPhone this isn't something I would know automatically (nor would anyone else starting into the iPhone realm) - it only makes sense that you should be able to remove photos on the device...every other camera phone I've ever owned allows me to do this.  My iPod allows me to do this...why not my iPhone?

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    Your iPod allows you to remove photos direct from the iPod that were transferred from your computer via the iTunes sync/transfer process?


    You can remove photos/videos in the iPhone's Camera Roll direct from the iPhone, but not photos that were transferred from your computer. Photos transferred from your computer are optimized for viewing on the iPhone as part of the iTunes sync/transfer process. And this is a one way transfer process only - photos are not synced.

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    this is the worst. why cant you just keep it simple? i'm trying to create different ablums on my phone and now that i have all of my old pics sorted out i cant delete this massive folder with copies that were synced and mixed in with other stuff from 2 days ago. just allow us to delete whatever pics and albums we want off the iphones.

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    Because photos transferred from your computer are optimized for viewing on your iPhone as part of the iTunes transfer process - these photos are not synced.


    This is designed around iPhoto on a Mac where you can make use of Events, Albums, and Faces and easily remove photos from a selected Event or Album to be transferred or add new photos to an existing Event or Album or create a new Event or Album for new photos in iPhoto followed by a sync.

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    Okay, I had this same problem while running IOS 5.

    All i did was create an empty folder to my desktop.

    Named hi or something

    Then i just told itunes to sync from that folder.

    And it deleted my photos.

    Hope that helps.

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    Are you guys kidding me?

    Who does Apple think it is?

    Even idiot phones, like Nokia S60 and S40, do not have the gull to presume they know better than me what I want to do with my own stuff!

    IOS is rapidly proving itself to be the most user-unfriendly, over-controlled, draconian mobile OS in existance.


    Mark my words people, this is the beginning of the end for Apple, just because it is too full of its own un-earned importance.


    Long Live Android!!!

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    How to delete photos on a iphone 4s.

    find the delete key Step by step guide on how to delete photos


    Select Photos (The Flower Icon) This opens Photo Library.

    On the top left of screen Select the "Albums  Button"

    This Opens A menu with Camera Roll, Photo Stream, Photo Library, iPhone images,

    Select Camera Roll

    In the Camera Roll, images are displayed and in the right Top Corner  is the funny Arrow coming out of box icon

    Select this & it turns into a "Cancel Button" but now in the bottom right is the red "Delete Button"

    NOW WHEN you select items they get the red tick and you can press the "Delete Button"


    Best Wishes


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    Just found out a method mentioned somewhere worked.   Create a new folder on desktop named "nothing" or whatever.   Leave it empty.  In iTunes Sync photos from the directory "Nothing".   Run Apply or Sync and Voila!

    All photos are erased off the iPhone.