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  • robinfrommendon Level 1 (0 points)

    Nice improvement, almost 12 hours off the charger and it's at 73% (some light use, facebook, email,weather etc.,).

  • chriztrax Level 1 (10 points)

    I had a similar problem.  I would go to sleep with about 80% and then wake up to a dead phone.  I tried the solution of deleting any exchange mail account, restart, and then configure the exchange account again and it worked.  I only lose like 10% on 8 hrs of standby now.  Went to bed at 50% last night and this morning it's 40%.  Hope that helps.

  • MacDevil7334 Level 1 (0 points)

    That's an improvement, but not nearly as good as it should be methinks. On my iPhone 4 the battery would drain 3-4% if I left it off the charger overnight, even with my exchange account enabled and MobileMe set to push.  A 10% drain over 8 hours of standby is unacceptable. That would only lead to 80 hours of standby time, well below the 200 Apple is quoting. Something else is going on here.

  • robinfrommendon Level 1 (0 points)

    Ok you guys, try this...I went to   and looked at the settings THEY used on their test iPhone 4S.  Give it a shot, I adjusted my settings to what they had and will see how it goes!

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    Turn off the Siri Raise to Speak option. It fixed the battery drainage for me. I think leaving it on drains the battery by leaving the proximity sensor on.

  • chriztrax Level 1 (10 points)

    200 standby is ideal but I think 80 is good enough.  It's way better than the 8 hours standby I was getting when I first got the phone.  Removing exchange and adding it back really made the difference.   I'll do more tests tonight to see how much drain occurs for 8 hours.


    By the way, here are my options:


    Mail: All fetch manually (6 mail accounts, 1 cloud, 1 exchange)

    iCloud: All On

    Location: On

    Siri: On

    Bluetooth: On

    Notifications: On

  • tal1971 Level 2 (245 points)

    I remember my iPhone 4 battery life been.... well not has good as it is now when I first got it, but a couple/few complete discharges/charges to calibrate the battery, improved my battery life.


    Even now I do a complete discharge then charge once a month and my battery life is still good now. I shall be doing the same when I get my 4S.


    I'm not saying its the case for all the poor battery life problems people are mentioning on the 4S. But the 4S was only released 4 days ago. So if the battery hasn't had time to be calibrated yet, that could be SOME of the cause for SOME of the people.


    It will be interesting to see if the reports of battery problems reduce significantly over the coming weeks.

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    I had similar battery drain for the first few days. Then I turned off location feature on the reminders and battery drain has returned to the same acceptable rate as my older iphone4.

  • Gat0r Level 1 (55 points)

    Per my post above, the drain/charge deal is working.  On third complete drain now and have usage at 8 hours and on standby for 14 hours and I'm still at 65% on battery charge.


    It's gotten better with each drain and full charge.  The third time is the charm..



    P.S. - I really don't want a phone that you have to turn off many features to extend battery life.  That just makes no sense to me and I'd be surprised if Apple's goal was to develop a phone that half the features had to be turned off.  What's the point..

    So far this process is working and I have not turned off anything..

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    I agree with you, what's the point of having this phone if you have to shut everything off.  I have almost everything shut off, have gone through full charge cycles every day, have done full restore, hard reboots.  Nothing.  It lost 26% overnight.  My 3Gs running OS5 lost less than 10% overnight. Almost to the point of calling them to *****.....

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    My name is Flavio and I havean Iphone 3gS.
    Lastweek I upgraded my machine with IOS 5.0 and am having trouble
    with thebattery.
    Whathappens is that when I used the IOS 4.3.5, to sleep, let my device
    fullycharged (battery with 100% load) and during the night
    consumptionwas minimal (I woke up and the load was still 97%)
    Today,with the updated software, the battery dawns with approximately 85% of
    Duringthe day, I realize that my battery to charge you double the spending
    Inoticed that earlier in the menu settings / use to wake up the time of use was
    1 or 2 minutes, oncethe alarm rang.
    Today, with theios 5.0, the

    usagetime is about 14 or 15 minutes, without having used the

    machinefor nothing and wifi options, find my iphone, icloud, push and

    notifications being disconnected.

    Ihave used the app netstat and through it, I realize that the device is

    exchanginginformation with sites like amazonaweb, Apple and push


    Inother words, I see my device exchanging information that I don´t know,

    withsomeone who does not know it and using my battery without my


    Isthere any way to reverse it, just say off the notifications

    push, withoutturning off my internet access, email, etc.?

    Is therea way to downgrade the IOS 5 to 4.3.5?

    Itseems to me software updates from version 4.2 to 4.3,

    I'mhaving more work to accomplish tasks than before.

    Happenedto the Apple store. In version 4.2 I was always logged and

    upgradeto version 4.3 have to enter my e-mail, enter my password

    accessthe app store and then turn off, qod before I needed to do

    Nothing,just access the app store. Today I am having the same problem with the networkcellular data. If I press 3 or 4 buttons to enable a function,

    usethe desired function and then off it, my battery pack. Before I

    onlyaccess the function without typing anything and get my battery operated


    Inmy opinion, only one button to turn off push notifications without

    offother would be great.

  • Jatobs Level 1 (0 points)

    I'm really dissatisfied withthis problem cosumo battery.
    To get an idea, when I bought my phone to access the Apple Store and download a free app
    was simple:
    1 - Power switch on / off
    2 - Tap the Apple Store
    3 - Search app
    4 - Download the app
    Today I do the procedure, maintaining thesame powerconsumption is as follows:
    1 - Power on / off
    2 - Tap on Settings
    3 - Tap in general
    4 - Tap Network
    5 - data enable the function of the cell
    6 - Tap the Apple Store
    7 - get the app
    8 - enter my e-mail me to log in
    9 - enter my password
    10 - get the app
    11 - download the app
    12 - back in adjustments
    13 - Tap into Store
    14 - Tap on my logon
    15 - end section
    16 - Tap Network
    17 - disable cellular data.

    Got it? was much more complicated.
    Dae I ask: where is the simplicity of the Iphone?
    It is worth mentioning that the function to enable cellular data, and the use that I do, return the unit still
    information with someone and for it still consumes my battery without my permission, exchanging information I
    do not know. Is very strange disable the cellular data network on a mobile device

    A simple button: disable push notifications would solve the problem and is a super simple solution that would please
    thousands of users

  • robinfrommendon Level 1 (0 points)

    This situation is stupid.  I set everything back the way it was.  Using as a guide, Apple said they had all default settings when they did their test (except turned off ask to join other networks).  I'm going to use the **** out of this thing.  If the battery life is still less than a day, I'm just gonna get on the phone to them and complain.  No more scratching around the internet and bloggs looking for tips on how to get a decent battery life.  Who's with me?

  • Donatonez Level 1 (50 points)

    So I couldn't take it any more. Yesterday I Had an appointment with the genius. I had my phone restored as new. almost every feature of it was turned off. The genius couldn't find anything wrong with the phone but he acknowledged the behavior was not normal.


    So he gave me new phone and although the improvement was much better I feel like the problem is still there. I unplugged the phone at 10:00PM lastnight fully charged, at 7:30AM today it was only 96% which is no bad

    . The problem is as soon as I started playing with it, battery stated to drain. I got into work at 9:30AM, I changed some settings like notificatons I felt I didn't need then the battery strated going down and down. No emails are setup, my location services are on with very few things and in less than 20 mins my battery went from 96% to 85%. I know it can't be the phone cuz I just got it last night. It's been restored as a new phone. Time Zone if off, Siri raise to speak is off, Diagnostics and usage is off. I have not used the phone at all yet the usage reads 1 hour and 1 min of usage and 12 hours and 32 mins.


    Oh I just sent a text and it when down to 83% then a phone call for 2 mins down to 81. Rediculous!!

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    Here is what I did..........xpost from my own thread


    Ok, so like many of you , I have been facing some issues with my battery.  I am going to outline some things that I did:


    1. Calibrate your battery!!!  This is the most important thing.  Let your iPhone COMPLETELY die to the point where it shuts off on you.  Not 20% not 10%....just let it die.  From there, wait 2 hours before plugging it in (yes this *****, but its necessary).  Plug it in and let it FULLY charge.  If after 8 or so hours you see it stuck on say 91% like mine was quickly unplug it and then plug it back in.  It will quickly go to 100%
    2. Go into your iCloud settings/Documents&Data and disable use cellular.  Not only will this save you data, it will save your phone from pushing things to the cloud while not connected to wifi.  Also, for the time being I have iCloud disabled completely.
    3. Turn off location services for anything you really don't need it you really need to know exactly where you were when you Shazamed that song?  Didn't think so.


    I did all of this last night, and as of this morning, I have been listening to music for an hour, done some browsing, send texts, imessages and e-mails and I am sitting at 96%.


    Hope this helps you all.






    Update.....after another hour my battery only went down 1%