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    Just a note of observation:  In reading through these discussions I've noticed many folk state they hope Apple "reads this" and does something about it.  Relax folks, it ain't gonna happen.  This forum experience is for users, not Apple technicians.  They do however, run a language filter.  "Dirty" words are replaced with *****.

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    Turn on off all your mails acounts,gps, bluetooth, notifications, icloud, imessage, twiter, facebook, acounts, ping and turn on only cellular data and 3g. Charge your batteries till 100% at night. Unplug it from energy, reset your counters (cellular data and use), and go to sleep. When you wake up, go to see your counters.....

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    Calibrating the battery is the ticket.  Haven been stating that in this thread and it worked for me too!!  Do it the first three charges.  I finished my 3rd time yesterday and after that drain I had 27 hours standby, with 15 hours usage.


    It works.. it is somewhat of a pain as the battery may run out right when you need your phone.  But if you want good battery life it's a must!!! 


    Now I'm getting great battery life and NOT turning off half the features of the phone!!  

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    Excellent posts folks!


    Oneof the things that I found that is could be significant is:


    Charge the iPhone 4S by USB only!


    Theheat buildup by charging with the A/C adapter has to be harmful tothe battery: indeed “heat” is a one of the primary cause of ashortened battery.


    Onemust also condition” the battery: assure a long life: let your 4Sdischarge nearly fullythen least once a month. Psesee extensive discussions on this issue of conditioning a battery bymyself and other forum members under “MacBook Pro” forum.


    Ihave two (at the moment) iPhone 4S(64GB)'s and a new 17” MB Pro andI don't plan on having to replace battery(ies) for lack of knowledgeon this issue.


    Let'er rip and...



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    had an appointment at the genius bar. they ran a scan and it came back with nothing. no issues. i still have poorer battery performance compared to my 3GS, that is expected because of A5 processor was the answer.


    One thing that did come from the genius was "viber" is known to have issues and he asked me to remove it and reinstall it. I simply got rid of it.


    my current status is.


    Notifications ON in several applications

    Push email set to 1 hour (yahoo, gmail and exchange)

    Viber - delete

    Siri - on (no to motion snesor on Siri)

    iCloud - Off - I think this was another drain on the battery but it was not confirmed by the genius


    having said all this - Calibration has some merit - i let it run out of power completely couple of times already and it seems to be getting better

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    You are exactly right.  Calibrating/conditioning the first three charges is the ticket.  I do it with every phone I've had and never had battery issues.  Once I finished my 3 full cycles with the 4S, the battery life is excellent.

    I have turned nothing off and can go a day and a half with normal usage.

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    I don't know folks.  As soon as I think the battery is doing well, it surprises me.


    After doing some calibration (and seeming to do well), I just went to sleep and woke up - It lost over 30 percent with NO use.


    To the Apple store we go...

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    @homertime33: Me too.  I had fantastic battery life over the weekend (was getting 7-7.5 hours use).  Now suddenly the battery is draining quickly again even in standby.  Not sure what to make of this.  I'd really like to see Apple release a software update to address this issue.

  • homertime33 Level 4 (1,105 points)

    It's just weird that no services change and then all the sudden it goes haywire.



    During the day I was monitoring usage, and when I got home it had maybe 65% battery life with over 13 hours standby and maybe 2-3 hours usage.


    Use it a little more for the next 2-3 hours, and go to sleep with it at about 48% battery life.



    Wake up and now all the sudden over 9 hours of acutal usage while it is in standby!  12% left?!


    Nothing has changed in settings.


    This is ridiculous.


    And who wants to go to the Apple store to get a REFURB when you just spent $400 on a new phone?

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    Given the inconsistencies in battery performance (great one day, terrible the next), I'm wondering if all this is iCloud related.  If the phone were constantly connecting to iCloud in the background for some reason, that would certainly explain the standby drain.  If the constant connection were the result of some bug in the iCloud system, that would explain why it's not happening all the time (Apple could be working on the problem). 


    On the bright side, it looks more and more like the battery drain is software related.  If it's a problem with iCloud, Apple may be able to fix it on their end without an iOS update.  Otherwise, an iOS update will likely fix it.

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    I'm at 67% after 3 hours, 5 minutes of usage and Standby time at 7 hours, 43 minutes. I turned off Siri Raist to Speak. Fixed my problem.

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    Did a full reinstall yesterday morning, turned on some services (not blue tooth).  Right now it is at 6%.  The standby time has been 21 hours 58 minutes, usage 5 hours 40 minutes.  Call time (since I got the phone friday morning) is 21 minutes...

    5:40 divided by 94% extrapolates to 6 hours, and 21:58 of standby extrapolates to 23.4 hours.  So you would have gotten 6 hours of usage and almost a full day of standby on that charge.  Not GREAT but not too far off the 6-9 hours expected from Apple.  There could still be something draining, but some small settings adjustments could be all that's needed.


    miller genuine draft wrote:


    I'm at 67% after 3 hours, 5 minutes of usage and Standby time at 7 hours, 43 minutes. I turned off Siri Raist to Speak. Fixed my problem.

    This extrapolates to 9.1 hours of usage and 21 hours of standby; right in line with the specs listed.



    If you've already visited and tried a few of these things with no positive effect, then there's a bug in either iOS 5 itself or your backup's settings that was migrated from an older version during the upgrade.


    What has solved this drainage for the vast majority of forum-posters and appointments I've taken is to perform a restore from itunes and NOT restoring from backup.


    -  Use your icloud account to backup your contacts, calendars, etc.

    -  Perform a restore from itunes

    -  Choose to set up as a new phone

    -  Tweak any settings as necessary by following

    -  Monitor the Usage meter after a full day of use and report back!

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    I, too, am seeing horrible battery life with my iPhone 4S. I pre-ordered and had in hand on Friday, Oct 14th. Even today while in work, I can literally watch the battery life go down while it's just sitting next to me on my desk. It was at 100% when I came to work this morning, and not even 6 hours later (with light use) the battery was at 50%. Very dissappointing. Putting on charger now. I help Apple fixes this fast.

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    Here's an article contradicting some of the nay-sayers in this forum. It seems Apple does believe there is a problem.

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    I am too having battery problems, not what I call excessive usage and I can easily charge my phone up twice a day, seriosuly getting annoyed as one of the main points to finally getting an iPhone was the battery life as it meant i could play, watch and text with no worries.


    Hope it is resolved asap.