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    Since last full charge:  usage, 36 minutes.  Standby, 1 day 18 hours.  My battery percentage is at 86%.  That is with everything shut off except the phone feature.  Siince I do not rely on the phone for email and other info while I'm at home (I have 3 macs and an iPad for that), its ok for me.  It will be interesting to see what (if anything) becomes of all this.

  • robinfrommendon Level 1 (0 points)

    Since last full charge:  usage 6 hours, 57 minutes/ Standby 2 days 18 hours and my battery is at 19%.  It seems I have cured my battery problems, and it was all by using the tips found in these strings.  I feel like a real detective. 

  • tal1971 Level 2 (245 points)

    Apple have just released 5.0.1 beta to developers. So it shouldnt be too long till it is released to the public



    Google 5.0.1 and see what the update will fix.

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    Now I'm worried about getting the upgrade.  After three conditioning cycles, my battery life is excellent.  I am now on 10 hrs, 26 minutes usage, and 25 hours standby and still have 21% charge.


    I am going to be really upset if this upgrade screws it up...


    (4S - AT&T)

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    I've turned off most of the synching applications, I'm still seeing intermittent drainage.  I'm hearing it's due to a bug in the SW, but I did notice the battery life having improved dramatically after the first two or three charges.

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    I had issues with my first 4s. The second one is pretty much the same.


    What I don't understand is apple admitting there is a problem, releasing a fix, apple admitting there are other issues or issues not fixed with 5.01 yet so many on these board claim to,have found the issue.


    For now he 4s sits it the box while my trusty iphone4 gets me through my 12 hour shifts with plenty of juice to spare.

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         I'd figure I would drop in and say something about the iPhone 4S and its battery life.



         I have been a Smartphone user for many years and battery life definitely has taken a dive as they have gained more powerful CPUs and larger screens. I have used the Motorola Q, Palm Pre, HTC Evo, HTC Evo 3D, and currently the iPhone 4S. With each new phone, I have seen battery life decrease. There are several factors at play though. There have been leaps in the power consumption of Smartphones, but the battery technology has not made leaps in its total energy capacity to make up for it. Also as Smartphones can do more things, I (and many others) begin to do more with my phone. Having maps, internet, music streaming, Facebook, Siri and more on my phone is awesome, but all require a lot of energy. Unfortunately something has got to give and for now I have to always have a charger with me. Until battery technology takes a leap forward, we are going to be stuck with having short battery lives. Although, Intel is jumping into the cell phone CPU market and claims to have more energy efficient CPU's so we could see improvements to battery life in the coming years.



         Honestly, the battery life is pretty good compared to my previous phone, an HTC Evo 3D. I would have to charge it sometime during the day if I was actually using it. Same with the iPhone 4S, but it does last a little bit longer. I actually get the advertized usage out of the iPhone. With my older phones usually they would always last 1-2hrs less than the advertized battery life. Apple definitely has made a good phone and actually was not, at least with my experience, falsely advertizing its battery life. This is also why I think Apple has not really done very much with the battery life issue because there isn’t much they can do. The current battery and CPU technology has to improve before they can make an iPhone with a longer battery life. I think Apple just figured if they don’t say much about it we would eventually accept it.



         I will offer some tips though to squeeze as much life out of the iPhone 4S as possible.

    1. Obliviously, close apps when you are done with them.
    2. Turn off location services when you do not need them.
    3. Dim the screen’s brightness when you can and set a short screen timeout setting.
    4. Turn off the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular network 3g data when you do not need it. (the 3g switch can be found in Settings>General>Network>Cellular Data)


         This is common practice for me as a Smartphone user. Turning off 3g and location services greatly improves standby time. My iPhone only went down 1 or 2 percent with 3g and location services off over an hour, which is pretty good in my opinion. I hope this will help some of those who are struggling with battery life.


         Although I do have grudges against some of Apple’s practices, *Cough*…Mac Pro…*Cough Cough*, am truly happy with my iPhone 4S. It just works! All the time! Thank you Steve Jobs.

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    I have had a Iphone 4s for 3 days. Brand new. The phone had a tempreture warning spring up several times and then shut down. The phone had just been charged. I started it back up and it was showing as the battery being 10%. The speaker made a right racket and stopped working. This is the first IphoneI have had and spent £400 getting it on PAYG. Unimpressed so far but hope to get a replacement under guarantee

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