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Hi guys,


Really need some help I upgraded my phone (3GS) to ios5 and it did it fine apart from the phone is so slow even when typing now I'm about 10 words in front of what is been out on the screen!


However I updated the wife's 3GS straight after mine and her contacts have been removed but her messages are there and so are her favourite phone number but as in the number not the name!


I have been reading the web all day and tried everything to try to fix it... Went into a text messages to the top but it doesn't say contact it says add contact. Also tried to restore from a previous update but that didn't work as when I reconnected the phone it created a new backup... iF***ing iTune... Tried the sync in iTunes with contacts and the revert but it put my contacts in the phone...twice for every contact! Tried turning iCloud off and back on numerous times both keeping numbers and removing numbers from iPhone! Even tried a reset but nothing!! I also booked a genius bar appointment and went in... OMG genius is the word... Cleaner would be a better job title as she didn't have a clue even though she did say she did computer forensics at Uni... Strange how she couldn't even use iTunes!!


So I made the wife Facebook most people to ask for numbers!!


Here's the strange thing just tried to add one of the numbers from the favourite numbers and selected add new contact but then just hit done without adding either a first or last name I.e. left it blank and in the contacts list it stored it under # as there was no name. However when I then went back into the favourite numbers the persons name appeared in the favourites list but not in the contacts list...


Has anybody else had this and been able to restore the contacts list?


Please help as feel crap for loosing the wife's contacts!!






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