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Just got my iPhone 4S yesterday and haven't had any luck pairing the new phone with the Uconnect system (Media Center 230 - REQ) in my 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Until yesterday, my iPhone 3G had worked flawlessly with Uconnect. My issue is simple: when I open the bluetooth area on my iPhone's seetings, Uconnect never comes up as an available device. I just get "Searching..." under devices.  No ability to pair. Any thoughts on what the solution might be here would be appreciated. I bought my Jeep certified used about a year ago and spent $500 extra to get the Uconect installed so I'd hate to have it rendered useless because of the new iPhone...

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    I have an Iphone 4S and have connected it without issue to my Uconnect system, What I would like to know is if the Uconnect will allow text messaging via voice

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    Enusre when you hit the voice button say setup , device pairing, ect... after a few questions from the system you will be able to "Find" the Uconnect system on your phone's discovery system

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    Thanks for the reminder. It worked. I was getting thrown off by the system's request for a pin prior to being discovered. The mobile command center is fully operational...once again!

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    I have mine Paired to the 430N - my issues is that BT audio is skipping & 2x the speed. Lame!

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    How did you connect your Iphone 4S to your uconnect. I called Chrysler due to my 4S not pairing and they told me that due to the IOS 5 software, they don't have the update for the radio. I have a 2011 Grand Cherokee with a 430N Radio. How did you get it to pair?

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    Hmmm... Very interesting indeed. As I posted above my phone connected fine from day one without any audio issues at all.. ( I have a 2011 Grande Caravan W/ Entertainment Package)... However we had our van in for service and got a identical 2011 van with the same features. I could get my phone to pair however just like "StaticFX" the audio would skip at 2X the speed. I sat in the van for an hour trying to fix the issue but couldn't.


    Needless to say I belive that Chrysler is not telling the full truth in this one. Reguardless of the operating system of the phone the bluetooth featrure is the same. This is not an issue with the Iphone, or it's software... it is an issue with the developers of the software for the radio's.