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I have iPod, iPad and iphone. iOS 5 downloaded only messed up calendar and contacts on iPhone.  Cannot delete, add, edit contacts and cannot add events to the calendar.  Haven't check all apps to see if any others are affected.  Anyone else have these problems and have you been able to fix it?

iPhone 4, iOS 5, downloaded iOS 5 two days ago
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    Open up Settings..open iCloud...turn on Contacts and Calendar...You can now add, delete contacts and add events to calendar. Hope this helps.

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    I tried that but this action deleted my iCal calendars from my phone, replacing them with a new calendar named,"Cslendar" and I lost all my events - ALL!  I turned cloud off but has to resynch with iTunes which kept switching from selected calendars to all calendars without me clicking anything. Finally got it to settle down and accept selected calendars.  Then I was able to get events back on to iPhone 4s but stil can not edit, delete or Invite from phone. Yuck!

  • DrRob Level 1 Level 1

    My problem with iOS5 on 4S was that I had not turned on MobilMe on phone. See these instructions: 



    Thanks to a message on this board, I found the solution. It involves turning on MobileMe calendar synching in Settings.


    Explained in detail on this page:






    After you update your iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4 (or later), follow the calendar syncing setup instructions below.

    For more information about iOS software, visit the iOS Software Update webpage.

    To set up calendar syncing on your iPhone or iPod touch:

    If you have iPhone or iPod touch with iOS 4 (or later) and MobileMe Calendar syncing is turned on, MobileMe Calendar is set up automatically.


    1.          On your iPhone or iPod touch Home screen, tap Settings.

    2.          Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars.

    3.          Tap your MobileMe account. If you don’t see your account, make sure you’ve set it up on your device.

    4.          Make sure that Calendars is on.

    5.          If prompted, choose “Merge with MobileMe” to make sure the calendars already on your device are not duplicated.

    6.          Press the Home button, and then tap Calendar. Your MobileMe calendar is displayed in the Calendar application on your iPhone or iPod touch. It may take a few minutes to appear.


    Article source: http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?path=MobileMe/Help/en/mm281e1ba0.html

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    Turn off iClouds and you're going to be able to add or edit contacts and events

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    I had the same problem so I turned on my contacts in ICloud... It took a minute or so for the changes to take effect, but now I can edit or add a contact in my contacts app. Not sure why my phone did that after the update, but I'm hoping it fixes it from not on. It was a bit frusteratig turning everything on and off.

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    go to settings; iCloud; Contacts; then set contacts within iCloud to OFF


    close settings and you should then be able to delete contacts using the edit option within each entry as before....hope that helps

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    Thanks a bunch, my husband was going nutso on me.. .

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    Ok for all of u who are still stuck and nothing is working I think I have finally solved the base issue.  For me it was an issue with my mail account and iCloud. I could add contacts and edit them but as soon as I went back to the main list any changes I made would disappear. I had turned iCloud on and off, deleted existing iCloud backups, turned contacts in and off in iCloud a zillion dam times and could not get rid off the problem. I was ready to throw the phone out the window an restore it but kept on playing and I solved it.


    If you have multiple email accounts go into each one and turn contacts off.

    As soon as I turned them off I could edit add delete etc...  The one that was causing my problem was my yahoo.com account. After u can edit again u can turn them back on.


    Hope this helps!!!!

  • Leadfoot12000 Level 1 Level 1

    After I had everything working the problem resurfaced.... Not sure why it did but even turning contacts on and off did not work.  I had to go into my phone with ifile (or u can ssh) and change the file permissions on all three addressbook db files to "read, write" .  Then all seems to be ok.

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    for the contact problem

    if you want to delete them on iphone  ios.5

    1.go to contacts

    2.click on contact you want deleted.

    3.click EDIT on top right of screen

    4.scroll down to bottom of screen and press delete button.


    hopefully i helped

    cheers jake

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    Hi Jakey the problem we have is there is NO 'EDIT' button to select

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    Same problem here, but on iOS 6.

    Delete all contacts, but a dozen or so remained.

    The remaining Contacts had no "EDIT" button.


    I truly don't want to spend 4 hours wiping my whole iPad Clean and starting over.  I have a backup file, but I'm guessing the bug (corrupted data) in also in the backup.


    Apple... any fix for this.


    PS:  It's an iPad 2, recently update to iOS 6, and iCloud might have caused this.  I've since turned off iCloud to isolate the problem.  No dice.  Even tried erasing all contacts on my MBP and then Overwriting the Contacts on the iPad with iTunes.  That didn't work either.  These dozen contacts persist no matter what I do.

  • cwebber1 Level 1 Level 1


    I just updated to iOS 6.0.1 (from 6.0), and was about to Factory Reset the iPad.

    When it finished the iOS update, the problem went away.


    Lessons Learned:

    1.  Never install in update which ends with a zero (0).

    2.  Always update your devices before joining new services (e.g. iCloud)

    3.  Only enable 1 iCloud feature (Calendar, Contacts, etc...) at a time.  Especially if you have (like me) 2 macs and 2 iOS devices. 

    4.  With iCloud, it only takes one disruptive device to wreak havoc on all the others.


    One other note:  It might not be related, but when I enabled Contacts for iCloud on my Laptop, my laptop was practically unusable due to  a couple of runaway process (AddressBookSourceSync and some other process with the word Address in it).  It may or may not have been related to the dozen corrupted contacts.




    Craigs Advice:

    Before you switch to Mtn Lion and/or iCloud:

    1.  Export ALL of your Contacts to a thumb-drive.

    2.  Export ALL of your Calendars to a thumb-drive.

    3.  Export your Safari BOOKMARKS to a thumb-drive.

    4.  Export your Notes (not sure how... I mailed mine) before migration.

    Doing a backup prior to migration is great, but having these 4 things might save you a LOT of time.

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    I think I have a solution that should help some on this massively annoying problem!


    Instead of accessing your contacts through the Phone option, do it through the Contacts button of the iPhone (which for me is on the last page of the iPhone screen, in Utilities).


    There you can edit your contacts!