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I think I'm having the same problem as anyone else, but I don't understand it well enough to understand them or to explain it myself.


I downloaded and signed up for iCloud.  All the settings seem right.


I have two emakl accounts now....iCloud and my regular one.  The iCloud has other mailboxes, etc.


When I sent an email it would not go.....got an error message that something was wrong with the settings om the account. There is nothing wrong with the settings.  They are the ones I have to have according to the cable company.


When I turned off iCloud, the emal went fine under my regular email account.


I don't even know where to begin.  Should there only be one account on mail on the iPaid....the one from iCloud?




If I put sometning on my calendar or upload a photo on i{ad, should it be on my iMac or iPod as well?  They are not....what am I doing wrong.?

iPad 2