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I just upgrade to IOS 5 , my PDF files and books on the Ibooks app are missing!!!! .. any idea to recover them?

iPad 2, iOS 5
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    Are they not on your computer's iTunes so that you can sync them back to the iPad ? Books bought from Apple can be re-downloaded for free, as long as they are still available in the store and you use the same iTunes account as you originally used to buy/download them : http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2519

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    same problem with me !


    any help appreciated

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    Updating my problem !!!!


    I did my backup before I upgrade ... I dont syncronize the books , I manage there only on the Ipad2... I know that I can recover the books that I bought with the App store !!! ... But how can recover my other files? The PDF files ?


    If you check the option to syncronize the books on Itunes the message is confuse ... talk about music, photos ... I feel there is a bug with the Ibook app when you work on IOs 5 .


    There is another clue ... I keet the collections names on ibooks and when I sent a file to this application if the file was  in an specific collections the application address that file to the right place ... so there is something with the "directory of the files inside Ibooks" ... at least the "pointers" are there.

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    Similar problem here!


    I just upgraded my iPad 2 to ios 5.0 and Ibooks now crashes...

    I had also installed the Ibooks update (the one to make it compatible withios 5)


    Initially Ibooks just froze and did not show true book covers (just theyellow generic book covers).


    I rebooted it (my iPad) several  times (as was advised) but this did notwork...it is now even worse:

    Ibooks now does not show book covers (looks empty) and gets back to homescreen after one second!


    I never  jailbroke  my iPad.


    Also the KindleApp does not show the book covers! .... veryweird as this includes lots of books I bought in Amazon Kindle Store and werepreviously fine! At least in this App I can still read the books… and none seemto have disappeared…

    And this also only happened after ios 5 (so the culprit is clear!)


    If  I delete and reinstall Ibooks  app, it works fine, but it comes with NO BOOKSAT ALL, and this is a panic as I have  (had?) 1000 plus books in this app!


    Most of them are epub (which I converted) and others PDF’s but all havegone!


    Luckily I have a backup (of the iPad in iTunes) and I can get back (restoreprior to delete the app for testing) but then I just get back to the crashing  Ibooks app (I hope the books are still there!)


    I trusted Ibooks so much I do not have a backup of most of these books….


    And as I said, my IPad 2 was recently backed up in iTunes  (but this backup was made after upgrading toios 5) so I imagine my books to be still there (or I hope so at least!).


    Does the backup include the books? I hope so as its size is equal to theoccupied memory in IPad 2.


    Does Apple  have a way of extracting books from the backup in PC? I am prepared to pay for assistance if necessary.


    Are they aware of this drama? Are they preparing a patch for ios 5?


    Most of the missing books were collected over the years (in my PC) and notbought in iTunes... Irreplaceable!


    Why does Ibooks have to be a closed app even for books and documents notbought in iTunes?


    ITunes PC app, only shows a few books in my library,  ten or so... (the choice of these has nologic…)


    This for me is as bad as the burning of the Library of Alexandria!

    Help please!

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    After i upgrade my iOS 4.3 to 5 i'm facing problem. my device is iPad 2 16GB Wi-Fi only model. i update my iOS last sunday. update process goes somth with any interuption. before update i have some books in iBooks apps. which are downloaded to ibook store and i can access those but the problem occur when i donwload "iPad User Guide for iOS 5" directly from apps store to my iPad 2 then after some when i try to access that book but i failed to read. i delete the book and re-download it via PC it appear and i can access. again after few times when again accessing that book, i can not.


    today i delete iBook and redownload this apps from itunes store (via ipad2) but the problem is still their. this book appear in iCloud as well.


    i need this book, this a handy user manual.


    help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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    Has anyone had any luck finding their iBook pdfs after the update?  This updated should have been called iOS why

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    NO luck at all....


    In fact I believe




    I used  "iExplorer" (great pc/mac app) to look inside my ipad and iBooks and they were gone, only ten or so remained....


    This is a major personal tragedy!

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    I have many books in PDF format in my ibook. After I upgraded my iphone4 to IOS5, all my books disappeared from the ibook shelf. I tried many way to rectified the problem, including deleting and reinstalling ibook app, restarted iphone, sync and resync, all didn't help. When I opened iTune, the books were there but when I tried sync with iphone, the books didn't appear. Spent many hours on it !!!


    What I did after that, I deleted all the books from the library (left column) and re-added back from my computer into the library. After that, sync again with iphone. Books now appeared in PDF shelf. I know this is iPad thread, hope this is useful as well.


    I guess there might be incompatibility issues with ios5. Some songs also disappeared from my iphone after upgrade, but the songs still visible in the iTune but just refused to sync ... Trying to sort this out ...