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    Okay, guys!  Greetings from Russia, Moscow!!! Just updated up to iOS5.0.1. Let's take a look if my problem with the echo from the very start of the call is solved.


    i've been following the thread since last friday, and as i got it there are two problem at least:

    1) the echo during a call with headset, in the middle after 5-10 minutes

    2) the echo since the very beginning when you can't even hear the ringback tone (my problem)


    crossing my finger for everyone who's involved


    reporting back soon

  • Alexander Mamtsev Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hey everyone! Update hasn't helped. The problem is still here. I'm astonished at how Apple keeps silence about it. I'm getting angry little by little. Apple has month to fix it in my case, otherwise i'm going to UK in December and going to give it back and get back my money, even though i truly liked this phone.


    All the best

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    Same Problem here, EVERYDAY!!!!

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    Just chiming in that the 5.0.1 udate did NOTHING to address the echo caused by iOS on a iPhone 4/4S.  I verified on two different phones.  One a 4 and one a 4S.


    The ghost of Steve Jobs needs to haunt a few offices at Apple shouting at people "This is not acceptable!  What the **** are you doing to MY company!"

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    Updated to IOS 5.0.1 ...


    I'm sceptical but so far I've had several calls (incl. two 30+ minute calls) without any echo for the person at the other end. This is on a 4S that seldom made it through 10 minutes without this problem before.


    White noise still present (more noticeable with wired headphones than without).

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    Same problem here too.  64gb 4s with Verizon. Really obnoxious when you're on a lengthy business call and all of the sudden you have to hang up and call back.  I'll try the speakerphone trick for now.


    Seems like it happens sooner when the phone is in a locked state, but may just be my imagination.  Here's hoping for a fix soon.

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    fyi - speaker on/off gives brief respite, but after some minutes the echo/garble/static issue can re-assert itself.  issue seems specific to I had assumed the issue was specific to headsets.

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    Applied 5.0.1 and echo continues. I also noticed it in a phone call without handsets. I'm visiting the Apple store tomorrow asking for a solution or money back.

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    Has anyone gotten information directly from Apple?  The last time I met with the Genius Bar I was told that they were aware of the problem and they had planned on fixing it with this release.  I noticed many people are still having issues and I'm pretty sure the update didn't even attempt to fix the issue since it wasn't on the list of updates included.


    This is getting extremely fustrating since this problem is totally being ignored. 


    Will apple exchange phones?  Is it even worth exchanging?

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    clandherr wrote:


    Has anyone gotten information directly from Apple?  The last time I met with the Genius Bar I was told that they were aware of the problem and they had planned on fixing it with this release. 


    While I apprecite the effort the folks at the Genius Bar put into helping customers, they are not exactly what you call high in the foodchain.  They are generally the last ones to know when something is officially happening.

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    Just an update to community

    I am on my 3rd Iphone 4s.  the 3rd also has an Echo heard by the person I am speaking with!!!

    Plus a new problem: I tried to call someone and the speaker button went on automatically but the person I called could not hear me.  I tried to toggle the speaker phone button...tried calling 5 times.  finally shut the phone down and restarted it, then   was able to call.


    The second phone in the household continues to show no signs of problems.


    same plan, mostly the same apps, same general location of useage.


    both phone numbers (ATT) were fine with the previous Iphones..


    upgraded to 5.01


    Iphone's use to be fun, now they are a nightmare!!!!  unless of course you don't use it as a phone...


    I am going to make a guess which is just a guess.


    • Lots and lots of people don't phone much, they text so they would never deal with the problem.
    • if you just call for a few minutes the other person may not even say anything to the iphone user or it may  not occur.
    • lot of people have bluetooth headphones
    • lots of people just use the phone and not the ear piece....just sayin
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    After iOS 5.01 update, I'm still having issues.

    I think part of the inconsistency we are seeing is related to the amount of background noise the phone is trying to "cancel."

    Indoors, the problem takes awhile or is minor.

    Outdoors in the wind, I cannot make a call.


    Since many here have already replaced phones and found no improvement, I doubt if its the ambient noise mic.

    Most likely software.


    But I guess I'll have to take my phone back anyway to make sure the complaint is registered.

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    Experiencing the same exact problem on my iPhone 4S. I have only used the Apple-supplied headphones so far, and only am having problems with them on calls. Part way into the call, all of a sudden the person I am talking to says they are hearing an echo or feedback and at the same time I'm hearing their voice much louder and somewhat distorted. FWIW I'm also discovering that the amount of ambient noise seems to instigate the issue. ...for example, if I'm outside and it's noisy, or if I am talking louder than normal. If I'm on a call inside and it's quiet it doesn't seem to happen as often. Discovered the speakerphone workaround after some experimentation on my own but would obviously prefer a fix!

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    I'm also having this problem. I use a set of Etymotics HF3 headphones. What I've found, is the quieter the room or place where you make the call the better. Outside with a wind is impossible. In my diesel pickup going down the road (just the time one should be using a hands-free device) is also very bad. In my office with little background noise the problem isn't too bad.


    I have to wonder what kind of testing APPLE does prior to release of new hardware. The last release had the antenna problem, this one has battery issues and this headphone problem. I guess if Apple testers take them off the campus to test in the real world they get drunk and leave them in bar.


    Come on Apple acknowledge the problem and get us a fix.

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