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  • proskier59047 Level 1 Level 1

    Does anyone know if the issue shows up with a blutooth wireless headset?

  • CampL Level 1 Level 1

    I have not yet seen it in bluetooth devices.

  • scoooby-doo Level 1 Level 1

    Ditto. I have been fine using a Jawbone ERA with the 4S, which is why I have been OK with waiting for the fix. Otherwise I would have returned this phone already.

  • Schanii Level 1 Level 1

    Oh, then don't you think apple should provide workable solution?

    for example, provide free bluetooth headset or at least agreement of fixing this problem by software?

  • scoooby-doo Level 1 Level 1

    No, I wrote that I was "waiting" for the fix, which means I think Apple should and will provide a workable solution.

    Schanii wrote:


    Oh, then don't you think apple should provide workable solution?

    for example, provide free bluetooth headset or at least agreement of fixing this problem by software?

  • l.lozano Level 1 Level 1

    I'm on my second phone. I tested the phone in front of the apple support guy. Test failed. He decided to replace my handset for third time and he conclude: "You now have a new phone and a new set of hearbuds, that might be a software problem. Go home and restore as new phone.".. Done all that and the problem remains. Totally *****!!!! Unacceptable!.

  • aiueo Level 1 Level 1

    Same problems in Japan. I guess it's not a carrier issue but the product itself (or the OS).


    It is very useful to use earphones since the iPhone isn't that light. I have been using the earphone since iPhone3G and very useful.


    I wish Apple will solve this problems soon.

  • iCloudcastles Level 1 Level 1

    I don't think my problem is with echoes, but general noise and static when using headphones. When I first heard it I thought the other person was in a noisy place (and he had trouble hearing me), but it turned out he was actually in a relatively quiet office environment and all the noise came from my phone. Subsequently, I've found I can hear this noise the moment I tap "Call" and the other phone starts ringing.


    It is more noticeable when I use noise isolation headphones (a relatively new Sennheiser set), but even on the Apple headphones I can hear static while in a quiet room, and my voice is amplified. That's when the calls are good. When it's at its worst, people can't hear me. It's as if there are other people speaking in the background, but in a distorted jumbled way.


    Today I just tried to get my iPhone 4S 64GB replaced. I tested 2 replacement sets, but both had the same problem. The worst part was the service people could not hear any noise when it was so obvious to me! They only spent a moment to listen, however. I decided to keep my original unit because the two new ones had yellow screens. (They refused to open more than 2 for me to test.)


    Since this problem appears to be prevalent on so many 4S units, I have wondered why there haven't been more complaints. My conclusion is those other people either don't use headphones to make calls or their hearing just isn't as sensitive as mine and everyone else who has posted on forums like these. I'd really like to say they are half deaf, but I am trying to be polite.


    I really hope this is a software issue, not hardware since I would have to be very very very lucky to get a perfect replacement!

  • jspee Level 1 Level 1

    CNET and Fox News are now reporting the echo/garbled/static issue when using headset with iOS5 


    be sure to tell apple about your issue

  • proskier59047 Level 1 Level 1

    Those stories were published on Nov 1. I emailed Zach Epstein who reported the story for Fox and BGR and he said they haven't followed up on the story because there are no new details. I tried to push the safety issue, the fact you can't really use the hands-free device Apple supplies while driving because the phone has that bug. I guess we'll see if becomes a beig enough issue for Apple to fix it.

    I talked with Apple Tech support today and the guy I spoke with daid there is currently no fix and he said he didn't know if Apple is working on one.

    He said if the forum posts show lots of people having the issue that Apple will get in to the problem. WHo know when though.


  • OnYourBike Level 1 Level 1

    Hard to believe but my echo issue has NOT re-appeared since updating to iOS 5.0.1 more than 4 days ago. This includes several long-duration calls including 1h40m this morning.


    Even the battery life is now fantastic ... 2.5 days with light to moderate use on a 3G-only network (3 Mobile in the UK).


    The slight white noise is still there but I've had many phones with worse background noise.


  • rosewood68 Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, on my calls in last two days since upgrade to iOS 5.0.1 on my 4S I have not had the same problem with loud echo after 3-5 mins of call time. These calls have been from the relative quiet of home office. The true test for me will be to see how it works in more noisy environment of longer conversations while driving the car. But for me there has been a major improvement already.

  • CampL Level 1 Level 1

    I have made several calls in different environment, ranging from home, office, driving in car and walking on the street. I have yet to have the call recipient in the other end complaining about loud echo yet.


    However, I confirm that the ambient noise feedback is still present on my side. In other words, I am clearly hearing ambient sound picked up by mic (when on wired headset) and fed back to my ear.


    I agree remedy for the echo issue is a big step forward, but the ambient noise feedback on my side is still a significant regression from previous generations. Sound quality on my old 3GS used to be envy to users of other phones, but the 4S is now a noise-amplifying device at least on my side.

  • FlyEvolution Level 1 Level 1

    So far I've found this issue to be present on both iPhone 4 and 4S when using my regular old sennheiser HD-25's that I listen to music with, as well as my in car AUX jack.  The phone will echo obviously to the person on the other end and sometimes feedback whine in the car and will loop back background noise such as wind or whatever back into my headphones.  I do also have a Samsung HM3500 A2DP bluetooth set which does not exhibit the problem, presumably because it completely bypasses the iPhone's internal mic system.  I'm on iOS 5.0


    My 3GS never did any of these things.

  • ucfmat Level 1 Level 1

    I'd like to add another note...when using headphones...the iphone mic seems to still be on...can any of you also confirm this? 


    I just put my apple headphones in and then speak into the handset microphone very closely and i can then hear myself in my headphones very easily.


    But I also get same effect when using the handset by itself, by cupping hand over end of phone (mic) and speaking loudly.  i don't remember it being this way with older handsets...or older iOS.  very distracting.

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