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I am using my iPad as a stand-alone now I have iOS 5 installed, but how do I recover files from iCloud? Is there a filing system I am missing like iDisk? Where, why or how come I can't find and see files?

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    This article includes information for restoring iCloud and iTunes from a backup  > iOS: How to back up

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    Yes I know how to backup, in fact it does it on its own or you can go into the press and manually do it. My question was how do I get files from the cloud back to my iPad? I want to do the opposite of what you suggest.  

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    Maybe I need to make this clearer, sorry my fault. As stated I am using my iPad as a stand-alone device. I do not have a computer to go to iTunes and do any of the suggested restore notes from the link you sent me. One is for when you first install iOS 5 and the other is a way to recover from iTunes from a desktop computer. Since iOS 5 has for the first time made my iPad a stand-alone device, a good thing. So I was hopping, since I have a file that will not open on my iPad that I could recover the file from the cloud and that would solve my problem. This got me thinking, hay wait a minute if I am using my iPad as a stand-alone device I sure hope I can find indevidule files from the cloud and recover them. Even though I have been using Apple products for well over 18 years now I can't find a way and I am hoping I have over looked something and not Apple.


    I hope this make it clearer. Thanks for helping.

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    Ah, Garret, I too thought BackUp would be a great step forward, but it appears, until apple moderator tells us different, that it Only  restores the whole iPad. So it is NOT  back up in any normal usage of the term.


    Restoring say 30Gb of data via apple servers on WiFi must take several days... for one photo or file or app its not a solution.


    What we need for the money is TimeMachine for iPad, iPhone in the cloud so individual apps, with their settings e.g. where you have got to in the game, files, photos  et al can be restored to the device.


    I can not see any reason to pay for more storage as things stand, any one think different?




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    Yes this is disappointing. Also you can not download movies or TV show, well you can download TV shows in the US.


    This is not the place to try and sell me your software though, thanks but no thanks. But what makes that post even worse is it would not run on my iPad as an app I would have to have a desktop system which I have stated over and over again than I do not have and have no intentions of getting! So if you wanted to sell me your software you should have read and understood the question first.


    Well the way I am looking at the iCloud right now is that it is just a restore feature like I would have had in iTunes on my desktop. Which does help the iPad be a stand-alone device I guess. The problem I have is that I already, stupidly, bought more space. I now have the hassle of trying to get Apple to give me my money back for the extra storage. Oh well at least it works...

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    Wow! spam from apple discussions! Bad News especially when they can not read and offer something  not relevent, Ouch.

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    Go to the Pages app then click on + at the top left corner and you should see iCloud selection.