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What the F is with this iOS5 BULLSH*T update? It treats my device like a brand new device. All apps gone. Am I really suppose to REDOWNLOAD EVERY APP I  HAD? And then re-create all the folders I had setup. Way to go Apple. This crap just convinced me to NEVER buy another iPhone again, EVER. Updates that blow away your data, your apps, your setup, your configuration, your progress. Horribly wicked.

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    The same thing happened to my husbands iphone.  His pictures, apps, everything...gone!

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    Yes, true. iOS 5 blows all my apps and everything after updates.


    Not a good recommendation, should improve

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    When I upgraded my ipad I thought the same thing.  iPad was hooked up to iTunes. iTunes said it was restoring, but device said nothing.  If this is what you experienced.  Just leave it alone..... It is restoring.  And it does take a while.

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    Apple can go to **** as far as I'm concerned. This is ********.

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    I feel your pain. I have 2 iPhone and 3 iPads with tons of apps and through painful trial and error here's what I figured out during the iOS5 update.


    The upgrade process is extremely long for devices with many apps.


    1. IMPORTANT: If you have many apps (50+), make sure your device is 100% charged prior to updating to iOS5. If it's not fully charged and your device battery dies during the restore process, your device will be restored as if it were wiped clean of all data and apps.
    2. DO NOT CONNECT MORE THAN ONE DEVICE (iPhone, iPad, iPod) to your Mac to upgrade at the same time.
    3. DO NOT DISRUPT the restore process or you'll wipe out your device of apps and data. Your device may appear to be doing nothing for 1+ hrs (just spinning) but it's actually still in restore mode.
    4. DO NOT UNPLUG your device during the restore process or you'll wipe out your device of apps and data.
    5. OPTIONAL: If you want added assurance for your data, BACKUP YOUR FOLDERS AND DATA from your iPhone, iPad, iPod using a utility tool like DiskAid (free for students... you just need an email address ending in .edu)

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    Same thing for me.  All my contacts, settings,, camera roll, email accounts, calendars, everything gone.  I can restore  the apps and music, but what about everything else?