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My wife and I recently each upgraded to an iPhone 4S, one for each of us. We share an iCloud account so that we can share our information across our devices and two Macs. Our iMac is still on 10.6, so isn't ready for iCloud, but my Macbook Pro, which I use exclusively for work, is at 10.7.2. Normally, my (sole) login account on my MBP has a picture of me associated with it (ie, my face appears on the login screen). However, when my wife updates her contact photo on her iPhone, my Mac's account picture changes to reflect it.


I'm assuming this is an effect of iCloud, but it's annoying. Is there any way around it, other than to use separate iCloud accounts?





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    I'm find this very frustrating as well.  Near as I can tell, the iCloud photo, login screen photo and your adress book photo must all be the same - change one, and you've changed them all.  Why?  Isn't there a work around at all for this?  Am I not allowed to show a little creativity?

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    When I setup my iPhone 4S I discovered that my photo had changes to some weird map icon.  I keep changing it in Users & Groups and it kept going back.  Glad I found these forums that it is based on one's card.  It seems like changing it on the User & Groups should be synced with everything else.

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    Don't have an answer to your problem Matt.. But FYI ... your INFO you sent via e-mail was incorrect.my  72 DISK K Drives do NOT show up in Windows as  a LETTER K    they Actually show up as a Mini DRIVES  DISK  K    If this problem has Apple Tech Support CONFUSED,  Just What makes you an  Expert? Apple Engineering Can not figure it out, So I'm SO HAPPY you know the Answer and Blame Windows. Get Real please, Go buy a real PC. I DID NOT APPRECIATE YOUR RESPONSE TO ME AS IT WAS VERY SARCASTIC AND NEGATIVE AND RUDE. THANK YOU.    ps: due to the weird nature of the problem and Screen Shots I sent Apple..I am getting a Brand  New iPhone, hardware Issue they said.  NOT Windows 7 PC problem.    


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    Matt I am reading all of these posts and it sounds like a third language to me. I am not to savy on this posting stuff so bare wiith me.  I couldn't even find where to initiate a question because mine isnt related to this subject.  Anyhow I have a serious problem.  My ex has downloaded spyware applications on my phone.  My previous TPO on him has expired and I'm extremly worried he knows my every move. I have 3 children and he is not all together.  Ive had several different phones and had to go to verizon and have them completly erase them several times but no matter what I do it gets reinstalled. Some one told me to keep th wi-fi off and my cell data that worked for about 2 dayys.  once he figured out what I did he went around it somehow. He can read my texts and actullay respond and intervene them. I also think he can hear conversations, my voice data goes thru the roof every month and I don't even use all my minutes. There has been several times when I noticed my camera on and recording, or out of no where a message will pop up saying video cant be enabled at this time (something to that affect) it seems he can  see me thru the camera or facetime.  I dont even no what facetime is. Anyway it seems my phone has a mind of its own quite often.  I read something you wrote about jailbreaking your phone.  What is that?  What can I do about this?  I'm to a point I want to go to the authorities but I dont know where to begin.  This has been going on for about 7 months  and him pretending to be me in text messages etc. has affected my job, my relationship and my mental state... lol... It;s driving me crazy and verizon is clueless.  Please help!!

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    First, to help you in the future on the forums, you should start at the top level of the Communities site, here:




    and then use the categories listed to drill down to the product you're asking about. So you would choose "iPhone". Then, where you see "Ask your question", type a BRIEF precis of your question (just a few words, since this becomes the title of the post), click "Submit my question" and write the full question. This will create a new question.


    You've replied to my 2-year old question, in an unrelated topic (this topic is about iCloud), which somebody (Paula4lsu) has posted drivel to at the end ... meaning that your problem will get very little help from people who can actually help.


    But I'll try.


    Apple devices - iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches - run an operating system which is extremely secure. They cannot run any program which is not installed through the official Apple App Store. That means no viruses, no spyware, of any kind. Any new phone has this security built in.


    Jailbreaking is a process where you can circumvent this security and install whatever you want, from all kinds of sources, and not limited to the App Store. Jailbroken devices can have spyware and other programs of malicious purpose installed on them. If a phone gets jailbroken, yes, it's susceptible to these programs.


    If your phone is not jailbroken, you have nothing to worry about in terms of malware. A phone cannot be jailbroken remotely - somebody has to have physical access to it. If you have any suspicion that it might be jailbroken, you can restore its software through iTunes, which will bring it back to factory conditions.




    Now, malware is not the only way that you can be susceptible. In your situation, I would strongly recommend that you immediately change all your passwords - for your AppleID, for every email account that you have, for any other social service such as Facebook, anything that you use on the internet, change its password. Change email passwords first, since passwords for other services can usually be reset through email. Change AppleID password next, and set up two-factor authentication:




    Change passwords for any banking/financial/personal websites you use. Also change the admin login password for any computer you have (Mac or PC).


    Do not use the same password for everything. Do not use a password that someone else can guess. If you don't use a password manager, write the passwords down in a physical book, and hide the book in your house.


    By making sure your iPhone is not jailbroken, by securing the passwords for your AppleID and email accounts, and by ensuring that your iPhone does not leave your presence, you have the best security you can for your device. I can tell you that if those three steps are in place, you will not be in any danger of malware or security threats on your phone.



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    I'd just like to add to Matts excellent advice, consider involving the authorities, they will be sympathetic to your plight (esp as children are involved)


    Good luck.