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    Now does that mean if I get the windows xp control panel I will not be able to use iCloud for my iTunes?

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    Indeed, thanks for DropBoxing the files.  The install went smoothly on an XP SP3 w/Office 2010 ThinkPad.  It took a little Googling to find out where the iCloud app winds up - IN THE CONTROL PANEL!  Syncing contacts and calendar entries works very well.


    Also, I suppose I have one comment and one question;


    -When a new version of iCloud arrives, we'll have to go through the install again and hopefully it will work


    -Has anyone seen the iCloud systray icon on an XP machine?  It doesn't show up on my machine whether I have the Show iCloud Systray Icon box (in the iCloud control panel applet) checked or not.

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    systray icon doesn't show up in my xp install either

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    The Windows iCloud control panel doesn't technically support XP.

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    yeah we know that still it's a pity

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    Anyone found a working solution on XP for the 1.1 version of the Panel?

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    I may have missed it in this thread,,,but, did you know that even if you are fortunate to have  Vista/7 for your conversion to the ICloud,,,,, Windows 8 is NOT compatible.  I thought , if only they could have the Cloud conversion until after the Windows 8 is launched (soon),, I could upgrade to the "8" .   I think there are still millions of folks with XP,,,,, and , many of them do have an IPhone/mobile me account.  Whew !     So, for folks like me , who have had a mobile me account for years,,,but, have a base PC/XP,,, I am screwed.  (have IPAD 2 and IPhone which I unwittingly thought could be my base station for the coversion to the Cloud-you must have a computer PC with Vista and/or 7, or, of course , Mac).   As we approach the drop dead conversion June date, there are going to many really surprised folks out there.  I was told by a very reliable source ,at apple, that they expect big time issues, so, are adding dozens of customer service people for this 'customer-focused' event. 

        So , you may be lucky, if you have Vista/7,,,,,but, longer term you need to know that Windows 8 will not work for a conversion ( direct info from appple ,today). 

       Question: Does the work around I've seen on the internet really work??   That will get me to late Summer/Fall when I convert to different tablet platform and new non-apple phone  (as well as, several thousand employees in a firm I'm familar with). 


       Sorry for the rant. 


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    Keep in mind that Windows 8 is still a customer preview at the moment. Kinda like a beta. Well, not kinda, it is a beta. It is not unlike the copy of 10.8 Mountian Lion that I am running right now. Only half of my programs actually work and it is glitchy as all get out. But again, it is just a beta. I would wait until Windows 8 is officially released, then we will have to take stalk of what works and doesn't work.

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    FOR WINDOS XP  icloud control panel for windows xp

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    Is this the link your are talking about?

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    There is no such thing.

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    what do you get when you do this? I seem to only get mail & bookmarks?

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    XP RULES! I hated vista and W7. come out with a better os and I will upgrade.