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I upgraded both my iPhone and iPad to ios5. But IA now unable to open any of my titles in the iPad. I erased the titles dowloaded from cloud and still the same issue. It is like the app is frozen. Everything works on the iPhone. What's wrong? I even erased and downloaded the latest version of iBooks and still the same.

iPad 2, iOS 5
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    Similar problem here!


    i just upgraded my ipad2 to ios 5.0 and ibooks now crashes...


    I had also installed the ibooks update (the one to make it compatible withios 5)


    Initially ibooks just froze and did not show book covers.


    I rebooted it (my ipad)  severaltimes but it did not work...it is now even worse.


    It does not show book covers and gets back to home screen after one second


    I never jailbroke my ipad.


    Also the kindle app does notshow the book covers! .... very weird as this includes lots of books I bought in Amazon for Kindle.


    And this also only happened after ios 5.


    If i delete and reinstall ibooks it works fine but it comes with NO BOOKS AT ALL, and this is a panic as i have 1000 plus books...


    Most of them are epub (which I converted) and other PDF’s but all havegone!


    Luckily i have a backup and i can get back (restore prior to delete the appfor testing) but then I just get back to the  crashing  ibooks app (i hope the books are still there!)


    I have ipad recenly backed up in itunes so I imagine my books to be stillthere (or I hope at least!)


    Most are books collected over the years and not bought in itunes...Irreplaceable!


    Why does ibooks have to be a closed app even for books not bought initunes?


    Itunes only shows a few books in library ten or so... (the choice of thesehas no logic…)


    This for me is as bad as the burning of the Library of Alexandria!


    Help us  please!

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    1. open iTunes with iPad plugged in.

    2. select iPad -> Books -> Sync Books -> uncheck, then perform a sync, this will remove all books from the iPad.

    3. iPad -> Books -> Sync Books -> all, then perform sync, this will re-add all books back onto the iPad, now try to open a book.

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    @ Hunter of Sock Monsters: Your "solution" is NOT a solution.


    This upgrade to iOS5 SUCKED! I've never had an OS upgrade completely restore my iDevices. There's something majorly wrong with this one. I can't even get iBooks to appear on my iPad (not an iPad2). All my books are showing in iTunes and it's telling me to download iBooks. Problem is, it's already downloaded (and showing in Apps in iTunes) but it won't appear on my iPad.


    Tried syncing again and took all of 10 seconds and it's still not appearing. I'm afraid to "upgrade" my iPhone 4, now. Sheesh, what a  Charlie Foxtrot!


    Removing all 549 of my ebooks, that I already spent 2 + days sorting into Collections? I don't THINK so. Apple needs to fix this garbage.

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    Thanks but that does not work...


    My itunes only lists 20 books (i now counted them) and even so, after doing what you told me, none showed in the app which continues to crash in the same way...


    And itunes tries all the time to make a new backup a thing which frightens me...!


    Had to use "back off" to stop it...


    Oh where are all my books?


    I felt so proud showing to my friends all the books Ipad could keep...


    My life has ended...


    Cmon Cupertino!


    Rise to the ocasion!

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    What a freakin' nightmare. I thought I'd be "smart" and try to do it differently on my iPhone. I upgraded everything that showed up in the AppStore (except Pages and Numbers which aren't compatible with iOS 4), synced everything then tried the upgrade.


    Even worse than on my iPad. Finally found my iBooks app (had it in a folder and the OS upgrade/restore/sync took it out and put it on a 3rd page). Unchecked then checked all my ebooks and about half don't have covers any more.


    My iPhone upgrade is still going and it's in even worse shape...taking all my apps out of the folders I had them in and installing each one separately. I'm about ready to scream.


    Some apparent issues that I'm going to change/fix:

    1. Do NOT sync to the Cloud; sync to your PC/iMac. I think that's what messed things up, although I can't be certain because it's a BIG secret. Shhhhh.

    2. Do NOT turn on "Find my iDevice" (at least, not yet)

    3. Who the **** knows. [edit: looks like you're not allowed to say h e double hockey sticks. The censorship asterisks make it look like I said even worse. ROTFL]


    I'll repeat what I said before: This has been a MAJOR Charlie Foxtrot and it *****! And what's up with that stupid Newstand App they've forced on us and won't let you move into a folder. At least the stupid Stocks app could be hidden on the iPhone 3GS. I give up. I'm gonna go lick my wounds and try and fix everything Apple screwed up.


    Best of luck to everyone.

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    I just got the info that Apple is aware of the problem (surprise!) and they are working on a solution (good!)...


    I just hope the solution will recover my many books...


    It is a pity they are so secretive, they should by now make an announcement of status of the situation, at least people would feel some hope.


    if any of you hears anything else please post

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    Same situation here on my iPad (Original). After upgrading to IOS 5 and then downloading all the updates to apps already installed I find that iBooks opens, displays a few titles and then crashes. Powering off and rebooting did not help.

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    @ Hunter of Sock Monsters..


    In the last version what you're suggesting did work as a last resort.  (ie. everything else had been tried and failed, making this 'fix' frustrating at best, and excruciating at the least)


    After the upgrade, I've found that this 'fix' is either doing nothing at all, or making things even worse than before.


    Using Calibre, I can transfer files, but Ibooks still won't take any changes I try to make in Itunes.


    (2 restores down and no resolution in sight!)


    Sorry to say that if there's no fix by Christmas, I'll probably wrap up my beloved Ipad and switch to a android tablet

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    My "upgrade" (coulda fooled me) finally got sorted out on both my iDevices. Meaning, I spent 2 or 3 hours futzing with stuff. Of course, I lost all my Contacts on my iPhone, lost my password for my Voicemail (luckily, I remembered it), lost all the passwords for all my emails (um, 16 different passwords - my only recourse is to try and sign in on the web and click "forgot password." This time, I'll write them all down. I'm an IDIOT for not doing it) and various and sundry other headaches, all because iOS5 required a reversion to factory settings before proceeding.


    Maybe this was all a ploy to get us to subscribe to MobileMe. That would've prevented this. S - u - c - k - s to be us that don't have (and are not going to get) MobileMe.


    My ebooks are back to normal without too much futzing with...although I couldn't tell you exactly what I did to make them work properly aside from...I can't remember, now. I had a couple (okay, 4) of drinks after that nightmare. LOL


    I do know I made sure I'm syncing to my Mac and not the Cloud (which may be the reason my ebooks finally righted themselves because they were all stored in my iTunes folder in the first place). And, I'm guessing one of the issues may be that this upgrade assumed a couple of things it shouldn't have.


    1. Everyone's already upgraded their iMacs to Lion. If you haven't installed Lion, I would strongly urge you not sync to the Cloud. You can do it, but you won't have any access from your iMac if you don't have Lion (it's native on Lion but there's nothing you can get to put it on any other OS...like, say, the Snow Leopard that I have).


    2. No one has any ebooks they didn't purchase through iTunes. Really? What about the myriad epubs I got from Project Gutenberg that I spent DAYS fixing up all nice and pretty (found covers, changed the Categories so I don't end up with 15 for each title, changed the title and author sort so every one is the same, etc.)?


    Steve Jobs dies and everything goes to heck in a handbasket. Sheesh. Think I'll blindly upgrade to the next iOS? 3 guesses, first 2 don't count.


    Then, again...I could be completely wrong and it was solar flares in the atmosphere to blame. That or aliens.

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    I completely agree, no one should actually have to do what I suggested if Apple had made a "perfect" upgrade. Unfortunately they did not. I think this update has been the biggest screw up ever, almost like Apple never tested the upgrade...

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    Similar story here.....iTunes shows the books in my library with cover art for all books.


    Prior to updating to iOS5 on my iPad2, the iBooks app showed all books with their cover art.


    After updating the iPad to iOS5, about half my books show cover art and half don't. Of the ones that don't, if you pull them up in iBooks to read them, the "first page" is the cover art.


    Odd thing....iBooks on my iPhone4S (running iOS5 but not updated - it came with it - obviously) shows cover art for all the books!


    Last night I tried restarting the iPad, deleted the iBooks app and reinstalled it, made sure iTunes had cover art in the "Get Info" for the books not displaying it, etc. The only thing that worked as a test was to take the epub file for a book not showing the cover and "convert" it to epub (even though it already was) using Calibre - then deleting the book from iTunes and then re-importing it to iTunes.....the iPad then synced and showed the book with cover art again.


    I don't sync to iCloud, so that didn't do it.  I'd hate to have to do this one by one with all the books not showing cover art, but it looks like I may have to. If Apple is working a fix, maybe I'll wait.

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    Thanks 'Hunter of Sock Monsters' ...your solution worked for me! all my book covers are back

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    For me nothing worked and my solution is to from now on use the Kindle app to read books. Good bye iBooks. The funny thing is that there is no acknowledgement of this screw up from Apple.