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chetan_pc Level 1 (0 points)

My iphone 4s freezes frequently!! it has frozen more than 5 times since I got it yesterday! Is anyone facing the same issue? Is there a solution.. yet?

iPhone 4S, iOS 5
  • sneef Level 1 (10 points)

    I have the exact same problem. I've had mine for 33 hours, used it really for 29 hours, after charging it, and it's frozen at least 5 times. Just happened again before googling the issue, which led me to this post.


    Mine is an AT&T black 32GB iPhone 4S.


    It has frozen on the lock screen, in apps (3rd party AND native iOS 5 apps), and done weird things in camera mode (sensing accelerometer movements backwards, pan L+R caused image to tilt up+down on-screen)...


    The freezing seems like the digitizer (touch panel) mainly, but it could be that the entire display was frozen. Hard to tell because the screen(s) it was on didnt have any animated content.


    Either way, things get normal later, but I'm not too happy. This shouldnt be happening.


    Also, twice I've lost almost all my folders on my iPhone, after syncing. At the stage of copying apps from iTunes to my new phone (first time was restorIng from iPhone 4 backup. Second time just syncing after changing some placement of apps on iTunes' side) the apps ended up spread over pages of iPhone "desktop" instead of in their carefully arranged folders.


    Not thrilled. Battery life horrible too. Fully charged 8 hrs ago, only used camera somewhat heavily for a half hour, and it's 12% now. 88% drain in exactly 8 hours? Wow. Hopefully that is just a calibration issue. I even have push turned off, as well as ping, and auto brightness. Bluetooth off. I did notice location services are running in the taskbar almost constantly. Wld disable that, but it kind of destroys the function of several iOS 5 enhancements.


    So in summary, I also have freezing issues, and other random issues. Along with battery drain. Hope someone knows what's up. Or should I return mine?

  • rosepena Level 1 (10 points)

    Same here! Reconfiguring the folders was a nightmare. Now my phone is frozen and won't even turn off or on!

  • HD2011 Level 1 (0 points)

    me too

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    I have been experiencing my iPhone 4s freezing up after about 15-20 minutes of use.  I have reinstalled the IOS 3 times and still the same issue so I am returning the phone today for another. I usually never get any device on the release day there are bound to be issues as you can test every feature but you can't simulate millions of users.


    My iPhone 3GS is lagging so the issue may be IOS 5 but they will fix everything and all will be fine.

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    Rosepena, you can reboot your phone and get it working when it freezes... Just hold down home and power button (simultaneously) for few seconds..

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    My 4s also froze while I was trying to use Siri using my headset. But, I was able to reboot by pressing home and power button as you had suggested.

  • rosepena Level 1 (10 points)

    Thank you, I did just that and it worked. I hope ther will be an update soon to fix this!

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    I have found that this helps. if you are switching between several apps they still run in the background using up battery and memory. double tap the home button and it will bring up the list of all the programs that are running in the background (I was shocked at how many I had like over 50!!) now push and hold on the first app until the red circle with a minus sing shows up. then start turning off the apps. Its amazing the difference it makes.

  • sneef Level 1 (10 points)

    No, that's totally not related to my issues. That's just how you quit a background app ever since Apple introduced multitasking/app switching in iOS, and having had every iPhone to date, I can tell you my problem was unrelated. Just to clarify, not every app that shows up down there is actually running or cached. If you reboot you'll find the same list of apps is "open" even though they actually haven't been paged yet, AFAIK.  It is true that in low memory situations, using this technique can help, but my issue wasn't memory related.


    Just to update my post, my issue was SOLVED and maybe my solution can help others!


    After much troubleshooting, I found that if i did a full restore via iTunes and set my iPhone 4S up as a NEW IPHONE, rather than restore from a backup of my iPhone 4, my troubles all disappeared.


    To confirm it, I went back and restored, then set up the 4S from my iPhone 4 backup.  Again I eventually had the same random issues, and poorer battery life for some reason.


    Maybe my issue is unique to my iPhone data, but maybe not, and maybe this will help. It's a shame though, as I hate starting over. And now I have to try to install some third party iPhone disk reading software to try to transfer my saved games back to this new setup.  At least, i read that it's possible. I was just halfway through a bunch of longish RPGs and stuff!  I wish apple would introduce wireless automatic syncing of saved games between devices (so i could pick up games on iPhone where I left off on iPad). But i digress...


    Ever since starting totally fresh, my iPhone 4S runs perfectly. Zero hangups, and the only glitches I've encountered have been apps that need an iOS 5 update, not the OS itself causing problems.

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    Thanks for sharing this sneef.  I am hoping that a fix comes out before having to resort to this as a solution.  My wife's 4S has twice frozen after making a phone call.  The first time it required a hard reset, the second required just a soft reset.  Her phone was set up based on restoring an iOS backup that had been made on her 3GS (which had already been upgraded to iOS 5).

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    I may have missed this, I only scanned the responses.... I shut Siri off and no problems, no freezes or black screens, battery life more in line with the 4. Siri is beta and it apears she needs some serious help.

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    Mine, too. It sometimes will reboot, but often it stays frozen, either with a dark screen or the Apple logo, for as long as a couple of hours, then it just spontaneously comes alive again. I have no idea what triggers the trouble, but I've noticed that when I push the Slide To Unlock arrow to the right it will often get stuck there before the phone can open. Then it goes dark and I'm back to the reboot effort. Sometimes a reboot will work and other times it doesn't. It's so frustrating not to have access to my phone for so long and for no reason. The 4s is my first iPhone and I was so excited to get it after falling into App Heaven with the iPad 2 this summer. Now, however, I'm just missing my Blackberry.

  • bluebluebonnet Level 1 (0 points)

    PS. I just tried shutting Siri off, but it's still freezing up. Grrrrrr....

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    I have found that restoring the phone from itunes seems to cause problems sometimes, so set it up as a new phone then connect to icloud and update the phone.

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