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Per the title, I have had no luck pairing my iPhone 4S with my blue tooth. When I put the BT in pairing mode, the iPhone can recognize the device; however, when I click on it to pair, the pairing is unsuccessful. Is there a way to correct this?

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    I'm having a similar issue with my plantronics blue tooth.  Not sure if the model # is Discover 925 or a different # (looks like it), but I make sure it's on and ready to be discovered, blue tooth is set to on in settings/general, devices is searching (now discoverable), and nothing else happens.  I have been unable to get the iphone 4s to recognize the device, let alone get the 2 to pair, so I can use the plantronics blue tooth.

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    Most definitely Plantronics Discover 925.  Does not get discovered or paired.  I'm guessing it's not compatible???  Anyone want to answer???

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    Have the same problem with my SoundID 510 posted elsewhere.  I have tried it on three different 4S phones and only get to the "Pairing Unsuccessful" dialogue box and then it is not recognized again. 


    Emailed SoundID and they indicated that they have not yet received the iphone 4S to test so no comments yet.  Also, I find that Siri might be a problem in Voice Dialing in my vehicle.  The iPhone 4 pairs and voice dials using my contacts in my GMC Terrain over the Bluetooth system.  While I got the 4S to pair, when I tried to voice dial, the Siri made the GMC Bluetooth system end the phone call.

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    Looked at the SoundID manual.  Problem solves with a soft RESET of the SoundID unit.


    Here is the way to reset the unit:


    To RESET your headset: If you experience problems during pairing, you can perform a soft reset on your headset. Place the headset into pairing mode and wait for it to flash red and green. Then tap the Main Button twice. The status light will turn ORANGE. Turn the headset OFF and then ON and it will go into pairing mode. You must then re-pair the headset to your phone. Be sure to delete the "Sound ID 5 Series" from the phone Bluetooth menu.


    After I did this, the 4S paired and worked with the 4S.

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    THIS WORKS!  Thank You!!