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tying sync my iphone  4s with itunes, it saying fcould noy sync because the sync session failed to start, any idea why it doing this?


- everything up to date and things.

- i also can't sync over wifi with itunes, as it try's search for it, i connected  it with itunes, then it disapears from itunes, and have to re-connect.

iPhone 4, iOS 4.3.2
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    This just happened to me and all I did was close iTunes and reopen iTunes and hit Sync....and it worked....hope I helped!  I'm not sure about the WiFi issue...

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    I bought my iPhone 4s and one for my wife today and am having the same problem that I can not sync with my itunes.  It synced the Apps but none of the photos and music.  I am using the latest version of iTunes  I have tried restoring my 4s to factory setting but the result is the same: no syncing of photos and music.  I am not sure if you tried the suggestion by Closer007 below.  Would like to hear if you found a solution to this problem.

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    I had the same issue...the sync worked for all apps on the iphone, but failed to sync any music....SO FRUSTRATING!!! 

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    I'm having the same issue as well, I wonder if this is another bug with the iphone 4s

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    Hi there, i'm having the same issue. I get that message and sometimes it just says it has completed syncing which it hasn't. I have restored the phone a few times, and it works alright the first time you sync it. But then when you try to add apps or more music from iTunes it doesn't work. Quite frustrating. I tried it with my iPad and it does a similar thing. It's only ever happened since iOS5. And I'm syncing with the USB cable, not WiFi.

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    I've been having the same issue. Every time I hook the phone up to my mac I get "iTunes cannot read the contents of the iPhone “iPhone”. Go to the Summary tab in iPhone preferences and click Restore to restore this iPhone to factory settings." I haven't tried restoring it to factory settings, and don't want to. From the sound of what people have said here, I doubt it would help anyway.

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    Thanks. Restarting iTunes did the job for me.

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    Hey, yeah i've done all that. Done a factory restore, done a backup and restore, restarted iTunes, even reinstalled iTunes and still nothing. It's pretty frustrating!!! Now I'm trying reinstalling OSX all together and see what that does. We will see...blah!!

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    It worked for me too, thanks . The funny thing is that i tried a few times but after reading this post it worked. I know a nonsense.

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    Me too :-)


    I got just the same error message.

    I have now restarted my Mac Mini, and restarted Itunes, everything works fine again. Thanks for the tips!!



    one "related" question:


    On my mac mini, in Itunes, i have 217 Beatles songs.


    WHY does Itunes copy these 217 songs everytime it syncs my Iphone??



    Iphone 4S, ios 5.1

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