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Hi all,


I use the notes apps alot, until iOS5 was released I've been syncing them across my iPad and IPhone through iTunes and into Outlook.


Now that iCloud supports Notes syncing I wanted to move all my notes from Outlook into iCloud. Unless I'm missing something obvious I really can't work out how. I've downloaded the iCloud Control Panel for Windows but that doesn't support Notes (Why on earth not I ask?!?! But that's another story...)


If anyone could give me any pointers on moving them to iCloud i'd greatly appreciate it!


Cheers, Alan

Windows 7
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    I can't get Notes to synch, even by putting iCloud as the default setting.


    Something has gone really wrong and I think Apple have pulled this feature without telling anyone, hence the myseriously missing Notes option from the control panel.

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    Talking with Apple: synch of Notes is not working with Outlook!

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    note syncing isn't working on macs either.  Moble me was so much better.

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    Did you manage to solve this issue?

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    I have the same problem! Please anyone with solution this problem?

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    My solution is to move everything to Evernote which does a much better job than Outlook notes. Syncs up with all the devices, PC and Macs!

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    I know this is a PC stream, but I found a work around for note syncing on the mac, not as smooth a mobile me in the set up, but works fine after set up.  Hopefully some of you PC people can use this info to help:


    I had problems with this too.  I think i found the solution.  The new os 5 and lion create different accounts for notes, an "icloud note" and a "on my iphone" note, both on the iphone.  Also, an" icloud" note along with an "on my mac" note account on your mac.  If you are the administrator you may not see the "icloud" note, your icloud email address will be displayed.


    Now, to sync notes you have to use the icloud / icloud email address note.  The way you do this is, on the iphone go into settings > notes and pick the icloud as the defaut note setting (or if icloud isnt a choice pick your icloud email address as the default note setting)  You can also choose the icloud note right from notes, when you open notes there is a button in the upper left corner that says "accounts." you can then pick the icloud account at the time you are making the note. When you create a note, the note is sent to your email address.  On the mac, in the notes section of your email screen, you will see: notes >on my mac and icloud(or your icloud email address will be displayed)  You can view your synced notes there.


    The problem with this is it syncs the note as an email and your inbox gets full with all your notes, if you delete the note-email frome your inbox the note gets deleted from all devices too.  The work around is to go into your mail and open preferences>accounts>mail box behaviors and uncheck the "show notes in inbox."  once you do this your notes sync between all devices that are set up this way.  If you make changes to the note, the note changes on all devices and the notes do not clutter your inbox.


    took me a week to figure this out.  I was bumbed when note syncing wasn't as smooth as on mobile me, everything else is syncing well.  With notes, it just didn't work.  Hope this helps

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    I have the same problem too and am looking for a solution.


    Although it is possible to sync your notes between your iPhone and Outlook and iCloud at the same time, it is not possible to transfer notes from Outlook into iCloud or another IMAP Notes account.  Being able to do this would make life simpler, as all my otes would be in the one place.


    When I got my iPhone, I managed to transfer my contacts and calendars from Outlook to Gmail using various tools and workarounds, so it was all in the cloud.  Now that iOS5 and iCloud are here, it makes the transfer process from Outlook to iCloud dead simple for calendars, contacts and tasks/reminders. 


    However, notes are a glaring omission.  Although you can create notes on the iPHone and store them in the cloud, whether it be iCloud or another IMAP account such as Gmail, you cannot move your Outlook notes into the cloud like you can with contacts, calendars, tasks, and even normal e-mail messages.

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    I'm experiencing the same issue. Everything is syncing now between Outlook and iCloud, except for Notes from Outlook to iCloud & iPhone.


    I tried dragging and dropping Notes in Outlook to the iCloud Notes folder. Outlook has to convert the item to a mail message, since iCloud's Notes folder in Outlook is a mail message type folder, note a true Outlook Notes type folder. So, it does add the note to this folder in Outlook, converting the type to mail message first, but it does not get sent up to iCloud. I tried using the Refresh iCloud button, but it does not sent the notes added in Outlook to iCloud.


    Also, if you edit a Note on the iPhone, it is received in Outlook in the iCloud Notes folder as a new message and the old "Notes" message is then deleted.

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    I can help you with regards to syncing Outlook notes and iCloud notes with the iPhone.  This does not fix the original problem.



    How to sync notes b/w Outlook and the iPhone and b/w iCloud and the iPhone:


    1) On the iPHone, go to settings -> iCloud and tick notes.


    2) Connect the iPhone to the PC, and start iTunes if it doesn't start automatically.  Wiat until any automatic syncing finishes.


    3) in iTunes, click on your iPhone, then click on the Info tab, then check the Sync Notes box and make sure Outlook is selected.




    4) Click Apply (on the bottom right)


    5) Open notes on the iPHone


    6) Click on Accounts on the top left corner, then choose all notes.


    You can now see both notes from iCloud and Outlook.



    Basically, I would like to be able to do the following:


    1) Move notes between an outlook Notes folder and an iCloud Notes folder or any IMAP notes folder and be able to see and edit the notes on iPhone, and maybe even the iCloud web page.


    2) Be able to create notes in Outlook and have them appear in iCloud.


    I can do this for e-mail messges, contacts, calendar entries (including tasks/reminders) but not notes.

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    any update on being able to sync notes from you iDevice to iCloud without a manual sync?

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    For lennydas (and other Mac users), it's actually even simpler to create notes on your Mac that'll automatically sync to your iPhone/iPad. In Mail, go to Preferences --> Composing --> click drop down menu for "Create notes in:" and choose iCloud. When you create a new note in Mail, it'll be "Notes - iCloud" instead of "Notes - On My Mac" by default.


    Screen Shot 2011-11-29 at 9.35.39 PM.png

    As lennydas pointed out, the same default setting can be done on your mobile devices. Now no matter which device you create a note with, it'll be available on all other devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) to view/edit later.

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    Hopefully, someone involved in this thread knows how to resolve the issue. Because my first plea a few days ago has resulted only in additional issues. Here's my other thread so far...

    Regrettably, for my iPhone 4 and Outlook 2007 on Win7, last week I started using iCloud.

    I finally (after numerous hours) figured out how to sync iCloud with my contacts: A MAJOR accomplishment. However, iCloud has changed most of my Calendar settings and LOST all my friends' birthdays: both in my iPhone and Outlook 2007. Also, have been battling to get my Notes synced with miseable results.

    Now, I've lost 2,000+ Notes, and yesterday my Outlook Notes stopped syncing with my iPhone.

    Today, I entered a Note on my iPhone, and now it shows up on my iCloud Notes...

    ...My ONLY Note showing up on my iCloud. The other 260 Notes remaining on my iPhone still do not appear in my iCloud. Does anyone out there know how to rectify these issues, please?...

    ...1 hour later...now it’s GETTING WORSE!

    ow I see in the Data files, it has 1) xxx@icloud.com, 2) icloud and 3) my Outlook .pst

      Isn’t iCloud supposed to make life easier? Now I see it is a complete nightmare, and only causes me to lose my data. The question now is, how the x@#&*X can I recover my data and normalize my Outlook 2007?



    Re: Outlook 2007/iPhone/iCloud Disasters: HELP, Please?

        May 28, 2013 8:25 AM    (in response to Banko45

    Sign out of iCloud and restore the backup you made before you signed up and switched on.

    ...My Reply...

    I signed out of iCloud and a window said, "Your calendars, contacts and tasks have been moved out of iCloud and saved in Outlook."

    Then, when I connect my iPhone 4 to Itunes on my computer to restore the backup, the only choice I see is to restore the last backup: Yesterday 5:44pm.

    Please advise how to locate the backup from 10 days ago?