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I have set up iCloud on my iMac and can log in from that however when I try on either the iPad or iPhone it freezes the screen saying username or password is wrong which I know is correct can then not make any changes and have to power down ,,,any ideas?

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    I am having the same problem with my wifes iPhone 3GS, We had a family plan on mobileme, I removed her account before moving to iCloud. My stuff all moved over, but her mail has stopped working and the iphone freezes when trying to log in.

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    this is how I sorted our problem


    On the Mac OS X system preferences select mobile me and sign out


    I had also changed the password for the account to include an uppercase letter(not sure if this mattered) but then went into mail prefs on the phone and updated the password.


    As soon as i did that on the phone everything changed to icloud, but we lost all previous emails, not sure if a backup will help, but this phone is now on icloud and not freezing..