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    Updated to 5.1 this morning .... So far so good.. 8hrs now...all calls goin thu in the fist attempt...getting incoming calls too... Cheked in low signal areas is able to latch on the signal with out any problems ....keeping fingers crossed ... Should not get invalid sim tomorrow morning.

  • Zakarya Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    I've tried everything, PIN code is disabled, I've replaced the SIM card 3 times and I've restored my phone many times as well as the network settings...


    Can you tell me what an Iphone is useful for if you disable 3G.....


    Any way, I've also disables 3G and stil have this problem...

  • KAMiLL Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    This is nonsense. I think Zakarya won`t be the last where 5.1 didn`t helped...

    Months of wait for nothing!

    Call the service and tell your entire story.

    Shutting of the 3g and back to the iphone 2g functionality...? PLEASEEE

    Fortunately my phone works fine with 5.0.1...


    We love you Apple!

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    I have updated to ios 5.1 this morning and its almost 8 hours already that i haven't got the "no service" error except when i tried to switch from automatic network detection to manual unlike before where-in within 2 minutes after restarting, resetting network settings, the "no service" message come right away. Hopefully this really solved the issue, will monitor tomorrow morning if i will not see the "invalid sim" message. will continue monitoring and will share whatever the outcome is... for 8 hours so far, my iphone worked as it should - a phone, unlike in the past month where it was an expensive ipod touch 4s.

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    As i said and promissed to see the change 2 weeks ago no need to replace your phones just update to ios 5.1 you will get long battery life with 3G off and you will get amazing network with no problems check my old posts 2 weeks ago when i got 5.1 B3 and some guys here keep saying replace the phone it's hardware failure the truth it's not just the ios 5.0.1 had modem driver issue with the phones hardware any ways all problems fixed now enjoy your 4S phones guys .

  • sufiancobra Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    update to ios 5.1

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    Zakarya wrote:


    Can you tell me what an Iphone is useful for if you disable 3G.....

    Same it is useful for with 3G enabled except it will be slower downloading data since it will use EDGE and not 3G.

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    Almost 3 weeks with ios 5.1B3

    0 invalid sim issues

    0 call drops

    0 network problems

    200% more battery life


    and now using the last new 5.1 full version i got the camera shortcut in the locked screen this is the only new change coz i had 5.1b3 since few weeks and all my problems fixed .


    here is some tips if you still get the problem after the update to 5.1

    -Don't update your phones from setting system update tab use itunes to backup your phones then download and install the whole new ios 5.1 702mb not only 100mb that you got in phone update then restore your data and everything will be ok.

    here is my battery life print screen image with 3G off and wifi on below


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    well, ios 5.1 solved some of my problems. i am sorry to see that it didn't solve at least some of yours..

    i have bad reception in my home, and with this update i am now able turn off 3g, and because of that i have at home full bar signal for the first time ever.. when i am at home i turn on wi fi and i'm using my home network for internet connection.. when i go to the city, i turn on 3g and there i have normally good reception..

    as i say some of my problems are solved, but not all- i still have pure battery life. i think, in your case, you should go to apple store and change your device for new one.

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    Hi everyone,


    I had the same issues (no service, battery life issue, invalid sim, network searching etc..). my iPhone 4s was purchased from Saudi Arabia. and i have faced the same issues discussed in the post. last week i hav updated my ios. (5.1) now all of my issues have been solved.


    So i advice dont do restore, dnt do change ur sim cards .... just try with new ios 5.1

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    Threads have gone more quiet after iOS 5.1?

    So, does the 5.1 update really fix the "call failed/call failure/no service/searching"?


    I have been waiting, and I've hoped that the iOS 5.1 actually fixed thos issues!

    After the update, I've god two "call failed/call failure/no service/searching"...


    So I guess it's hardware fault anyway!

    Have to send it back to Apple, again... to receive my 3rd iPhone 4S.


    Apple, we love you!

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    Well i have updated to 5.1


    first i got my phone replaced but i faced the same issue..


    Now i have updated the replaced phone with ios 5.1 and facing the same issue.


    so no luck for me atleast..

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    I've received my new iphone (they have replace my old).


    Date of manufacture : jan 2012, week 2


    It's seems to be better, but still lot of the network sometimes.


    Now, i've update the ios to 5.1 and i'll see.

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    Nice! Good luck dude!

    How/where do you see the "date of manufacture"?


    I'm replacing mine today, but as there's no apple store in norway... my vendor have to sendt it to "apple".

    Now, a couple of weeks with a nokia 6110 (best phone ever)

  • Blowdesign Level 1 Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi KenCreative,


    Here you can find your date of manufacture :


    Type your serial number and you will have this information and other. Example for my iPhone :


    Serial number: .................

    Name: iPhone 4S

    Model: iphone_4S

    Group1: iPhone


    Generation: 6

    ModelCode: iphone_4S

    Machine Model: iPhone4,1

    Model introduced: 2011

    Production year: 2012

    Production week: 2  (January)

    introduced test: GOED

    CPU speed: 800MHz

    Family name: Become a pro user to see this information. (sorry)

    Screen size: 3.5 inch

    Screen resolution: 960x640 pixels

    Colour: Black

    Capacity: 16GB

    Factory: C9 (China)

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