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Hello everyone. I've been a Mac user since 2007. To describe the problem, it begins with me being a MobileMe user which brought the following: I needed to "migrate" to iCloud.

Although I still have a few months until my subscription has ended, I'm getting ready for the migration and, also, I couldn't wait to try the new OS X (since iCloud only works in Lion).

My Mac Mini being a 2,1 (the 2.0GHz Model), I got hardware ready (installed a 320GB HDD and a total of 3GB of RAM) and bought the Lion software from the Mac AppStore. The installation went flawlessly, it rebooted and I got ready to use it.

However, when I rebooted a second time, I got stuck at the Apple logo and the spinning wheel. I let it still for more than half an hour and it keeps spinning. I shutted it down and powered it up again and worked. Even still, everytime I reboot or power the computer, I still get this problem. I've used the Command-R action before booting to go to the system's Disk Utility (as opposed to the desktop one, I don't know if there's a huge difference) and Verified the disk. I fixed the existing problems twice and repaired the permissions. What bugs me is that the pemissions are never fixed, although it says that they are. Every time I push "Repair Permissions" I get the same files being fixed from the last repair.


None of this has helped me and I am still facing these problems. How can I fix this?


PS: I've been using the 320GB HDD with Snow Leopard for some months and, eveytime I checked, there were no problems.

Mac mini, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Can't nobody really help me? I've reinstalled Lion and restored backup after that and the problem still persists: The machine, after clicking the power button to turn off and on again, doesn't boot in the first but boots in the second attempt. I then reboot for some update or whatever and the system doesn't boot at the third but boots in the second.

    Again, fixing the disk and disk permissions aren't helping me.


    What can I do? It's really annoying to boot the Mac, shut it down manually and boot it again everytime I want to use it.