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Upgraded my iPhone and my wife's iPhone (both 3GS to OS5) and our MacBook to Lion.  Contacts are syncing betweenboth phones when one makes a change it shows up on the other iPhone too.  Awesome!  But we can't get them on our mac for anything!


In iCloud preferences I check off contacts and it says starting and then stays checked.  When I close system preferences and open back up the contacts is UNCHECKED.  Any thoughts?  Also, the address book app is blank.

MacBook, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Upon further investigation I can't do ANYTHING in adress book.  It doesn't let me create a new contact or anything.  I'm thinking there's something wrong with the app, not iCloud.  Is there a way to reinstall address book?  Maybe I'm missing some preferences in the Library folder?

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    The end.  I had previously been using dropbox to sync contatcs.  On the mac there was still a forgotton alias poiting to nowhere (drop box address book I got rid of after iCloud).  Just deleted the file and started address book again and it created the folder it needed.