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  • BartvRdam Level 1 Level 1

    Hi There, I've just received my fresh iPhone 4S overhere in the Netherlands and can also not connect it 2 my MacBook Pro. The 2 devices see each other with the 6 digit code and all but the connection is never really made on the iPhone whereas my MacBook states it is connected the little wheel of enternity keeps on rolling on the iPhone interface.


    I would like to connect it to my TomTom nav system but my hopes are low.... My MacBook connects perfectly well with all other BT devices like mouse and wireless keybord.... bummer...


    Regards Bart

  • amberjackmarie Level 1 Level 1

    Lets see, the past two weeks of my life feel like a nightmare.  First of all after a small problem I decided to reset my phone.  A few days afterwards my iPhone decided it hated me.  It won't let me backup to iTunes, will not recognize wi-fi passwords, my car's blutooth password and others, and what I can only imagine must be strangely connected my Kindle for iPhone app will not let me register due to, as Kindle or Apple refers to as an, "internal error."  I have troubleshooted my way accross message boards and have come up empty.  Have tried an iTunes restore, restoring phone's network settings, hard restart on phone, reinstalled iTunes, created a dummy account on computer to backup phone to...all of these things and more, a netsh winsoc reset, etc.  I am seriously hating everything right now. 

  • Goofyscrunger Level 1 Level 1

    A lot of cars will not accept bluetooth paring unless the vehicle is in a "safe condition" ie you can't set it up whilst driving, Peugeot built in can be awkward, but useually you need to have handbrake (parkingbrake) engaged, and electrics on, but engine not started


    as for connecting 4s to macbook or ipad etc,  you need to turn on the "pesonal hotspot" facility of the 'phone

    (Settings, personal hotspot, on)



    If hotspot is not on, phone will give error messages such as "device not supported" if you try and connect from macbook etc

  • duds60 Level 1 Level 1

    This "fix" did not work on my 4s. Whilst the Imac says that the phone is paired the phone still displays "device not supported". I see that no mention is made about bluetooth in the upcoming IOS6 so I guess the issue will persist indefinately.

  • Kobolt Level 1 Level 1

    Turning on Personal Hotspot actually worked. Previously I could pair a MBP and the iPhone 4s but the device was not supported. After activating Personal Hotspot I also got connected.


    HOWEVER, trying to send an image file (normal jpg) from my MBP to the iPhone failed because "This device doesn't have the necessary services."!!!


    Likewise, trying to send an image file from the phone to the mac is equally impossible as Bluetooth is not an option even if you're connected.


    Sending image files between devices is a pretty normal, even desirable, thing to do. So, this newly found connection (thanks, Goofyscrunger!) is still useless to me. Not really sure what Apple is aiming for here, especially since they don't say anything.

  • PeterK159 Level 1 Level 1

    You are correct, there has been a change in OS 4x to 5x and you now need to use Personal Hotspot. 
    Under 4.x you would use Bluetooth to tether the iPad to the iPhone.  However, under OS5.x you need to turn on the Personal Hotspot on the phone (Settings>Personal Hotspot>On), then on the iPad (or other device) you need to turn on the WiFI to find the iPhone  (e.g. Settings>Network>WiFi>select the name of the phone). If it prompts for a password, use the WiFi password from the iPhone (under WiFi Password).

    Once this is done, the iPad will connect to the WiFi of the iPhone.

    Hope this clarifies it for people.

  • amk88 Level 1 Level 1

    I was having this issue when I had my insurance replacement and it drove me crazy actually listening to the radio and not being able to talk hands-free or listen to pandora. I reset network settings on my phone, turned my bluetooth off before getting in the car. Then what I did was take another device (non-iphone) and turned on bluetooth. It detected it quickly so I pulled up the BT list which I was unable to get when my other phone was undetectable. I went to LIST PHONES - saw Ashleys Iphone. Deleted it. Turned my bluetooth on my Iphone on and it paired immediately. Ridiculous that you have to do all this, I wonder if it's because they were both named the same thing. Or if more than one iphone cant be synced to the car. unsure. Hope this helps!

  • maweeks91 Level 1 Level 1

    I am not trying to connect my 4s to a car, however I am trying to connect to my macbook pro running lion 10.7.4, my macbook says that it has succesfully connected to my iPhone 4s but my 4s says "apples macbook pro" is not supported, the gives me an option to forget this device. I cannot find any way to adjust blutooth settings on the phone, and this is getting frustrating. If anyone has insight to this issue, that would be much appreciated. It seems that most of the issues posted here are concerning connections to vehicles....


  • JonHagger Level 1 Level 1

    I had similar problems, but I was in settings "trying everything" and turned Personal Hotspot ON. Guess what: it paired. Amazing!

  • Kobolt Level 1 Level 1

    As mentioned above, maweeks91, turning the Personal Hotspot on in settings will solve your problem. It worked for me and I'm now connected to my MBP. However, I still cannot send image files from one to the other as  "the device hasn't the necessary services". Conclusion in my case: I can now get connected, not just paired. But I cannot do what I can with any other bluetooth device (like my old LG Cookie can): send a file. So the newfound bluetooth connection is useless.

  • JonHagger Level 1 Level 1

    Aha.I can only confirm pairing, not file transfer. Looks like back to the drawing board, back to iPhone 3GS, or get an Android!!

  • JonHagger Level 1 Level 1

    OK. I've done it! Downloaded the upgrade CPU software for my  Merc. ACTUALLY READ THE INSTRUCTIONS and followed them to the letter...and all the planets lined up. It works! My friends/colleagues can hear me clearly and I avoid a AUD400 fine when the cops spot me talking on the phone (Yep, they're heavy duty in Australia, especially Victoria where the govt is broke and traffic infringements are an excellent way of raising revenue). Rather than trying to move documents around I sync with iTunes via Wi-Fi and that works too. Good luck with your projects guys...cheers

  • sgwmsw Level 1 Level 1

    Did not work for me. It was working this morning. Then on my way back from work it said I had no phone, no bluetooth connection and my Pandora was empty. On my Iphone 4 I had all of my Pandora stations. But I can't connect the phone anymore.

  • Frank G 2.8 Level 1 Level 1

    Apple you suck!!!!!!!!! I have many of your products and I am really getting sick of your BS!!!!!!!! Had an Iphone 4s and can't send pics or connect to iPad or Macbook Pro through blue tooth? No excuse for this, we pay a premium for your products and then have to put up with limitations that you put on them. I got the Galaxy 3s which is awesome. I would get rid of my iPad 3 and Macbook Pro if there was something comperable. Please remove the ridiculous restrictions or I will be someone else's customer soon.

  • panred Level 1 Level 1

    Are you referring to built-in (car) Bluetooth, or the ones you clip onto the sun-visor? I am very new to the 4S (2 days) and cannot get it to pair with mine - a clip onto the sun-visor one! I have tried a few of the suggestions but I am really out of my depth. I am considering taking the phone & bluetooth back to the Telstra Shop where I got the phone and asking them to do it. . . . or should I go to the Apple Shop?