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  • geo0 Level 1 (0 points)

    My cheap Scosche unit on the sunvisor worked fine with my 3s, but not with the 4s. I spent a long time listening to an Apple guy tell me it was "firmwear" on the BT unit and not the 4s. So I took the phone back to the ATT store where I bought it three days ago, along with the sunvisor unit. The first guy I ran into took the BT unit and held down the ON button for a long time, and suddenly the 4s phone was in "pairing mode." I'd never been able to accomplish that. And, as they say, Voila! My phone is now connected to the cheap-o Scosche unit! Not sure how this might apply to in-car units, but if you can get the phone to "pairing mode" you may find success.


    Thanks ATT. No thanks, Apple. (The Apple guy could have asked me about pairing....)

  • DrStrangelve77 Level 1 (0 points)

    Trojan09007 was right!!! It worked perfectly for me. I have an Audi A5 so results could vary.  Go to:  Settings  General  Reset  Reset Network Settings  Yes  Turn off Bluetooth on your phone.  Turn car on and turn Bluetooth to ON  The phone will then link up.   Worked perfectly for me and all of my Contacts were also restored to Bluetooth  memory. I had called Apple Care and they had no idea of how to help me although they tried.   Many thanks to Trojan 09007!!!

  • lananhtranb Level 1 (0 points)

    I have the same problems! cant BT to the other Iphones and even my MacBook!!! Getting very upset now coz my other old phones connect w other BT devices so quickly but not the bloody **** Iphone 4S.

    Hope somebody can help us to fix this problem!



  • tbillick Level 1 (0 points)

    Yep. Same problem. Can't pair with my MBP unibody. I tried the Network Settings reset and no luck.


    Bluetooth has been around for close to a decade. You'd think Apple would've gotten a handle on this technology by now. I left Android precicely because issues like this kept creeping up, and I was led to believe this was the alpha-omega of smartphones. My freaking Droid Eris was able to work well with bluetooth! That was a $60 phone! Oh well. I hope Apple employees actually read this forum.

  • to **** with dell Level 1 (0 points)

    Hi All, I had been experiencing the same issues as discussed - new iphone 4s would not pair via bluetooth with car stereo, macbookpro, ipad2, all that I had previously paired with the iphone 3gs that the new phone replaced. 


    I thought ' perhaps it's an issue with the fact that all items had been paired with 'my' iphone previously', so tried deleting the previous 3gs pairing on the MBP and then was able to successfully pair the 4s with my MBP.


    Excited, I went to the car and removed all past pairings with the car stereo (very scientifically, by disconnecting the battery; I need bluetooth before preset radio stations!) and straight away the pairing worked - no endless swirling of the 'searching for devices' on the 4s, instead the device (car stereo) appeared straight away and paired immediately.


    I haven't tried the ipad yet, but anyway...


    Maybe it's just something that worked for me, but hopefully this may help others recover from that 'oh man what have I done' 4s upgrade feeling.

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    Yep, in the same situation. New iPhone, new ipad, no connection via Bluetooth between them or with my iPhone and in car bluetooth on the Sony Xbloc..........quite amazed this has not been picked up as a fault as of yet. Come on Apple sort it out! I have been with Nokia and loved their communicators and the N900, no problems with any of them. So after 12 years of being loyal to Nokia I jump ship and end up with a problem....that'll teach me I suppose :(

  • Vijai's Level 1 (0 points)

    I just bought three days back a iPhone 4S and have upgraded to latest software version 5.1. I tried to use my bluetooth speaker creative  D100 and was unable to do so, while I am able to pair with the speaker from my iPad2 and iTouch at the same software ver. -5.1. I am bit disappointed and disillusioned with apple and my active promoting of the product with my relatives and friends will lack the same conviction I had before this major bug in the product... Hope to see a resolution soon !!!.

  • carbri01 Level 1 (0 points)

    New update March 9th and NO fix for any Bluetooth issue.  My issue with Blueant Q1 and Blueant T1 is that it will not auto connect, or auto discover when you move them apart and then join them back together.  Have no problem getting any device to pair, just wont pari back up after they are moved apart.   Worst part is Apple acts like there is no problem with Bluetooth and act as if I'm crazy.    Seems to me there are a great number of Bluetooth issues.

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    I had similar problem, 4S, phone worked with car and no problem the first time, but later when I removed it from car because I was troubleshooting  other Bluetooth problems I could not reconnect later.  After a couple days of frustration and reading through all of these comments I went back to the car and it looked like it was entered twice in the car list.   Seems like the phone is not pulling up the confirmation screen so you can enter the code, but after selecting the 2nd entry of my phone in the car list, the phone recognized it and brought up the right screen.  Anyway, it's fixed for now and I'm not messing with it again. :-)

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    This is my 3rd iPhone 4S, first was OK, and after replacement arrived it did not find any BT devices that previously worked. So I gave it to service, they pointed me to this forum. Phone got replaced and this unit also does not find any BT devices. iOS5.1 did not fix it. Bottom line - my Jambox is useless without it, I cannot tether internet through BT and am generally ******. Will it make sense to again go to Apple for replacement?

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    I got the new iPhone 4s today. It would not connect with the BT in my 2011 Nissan Murano. After reading through the posts here turning on / enabling the personal hotspot on my phone worked and I was able to connect it. At least for now!

  • chuckpine Level 1 (0 points)

    Same problem here, my 4s will not pair with my macbook

  • nickfromkett Level 1 (0 points)

    I, too, cannot connect to anything with my new (as of last weekend) iPhone 4S. Bluetooth is brain-dead on this phone and there is no way to change many settings. When the pairing popup appears for pairing, I click on both the MacBook (or a PC) and the iPhone popup, but then Bluetooth just sits there trying to find the computer. And, the connection on the computer only lasts a few seconds before the little button goes from green back to red.


    I like the iPhone 4S, but this is ridiculous. C'mon, Apple... I've got a LOT of Apple products and this is just completely outside the norm... something I would expect with Dell or MSFT, but NOT Apple.

  • redmounts Level 1 (0 points)

    My Iphone 4s 5.1 can pair OK with my MacBook today, but it didn't with 5.0.1. I think Apple sort of fixed it - or so it seems.

    However, yesterday when I tried to pair my 4S with my friend's 4S 5.1, they couldn't discover each other and pair. So I made a search and found a Youtube video

    showing how to pair your 4S with an another iPhone or an iPad: go to "Settings", then "Network", then turn on "Personal Hotspot" on both

    devices. This made them discoverable and, of course, paired.


    I saw the video, but haven't tried this fix. Will meet my friend later and we will try again. Hope this helps.

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    I have an iPhone 4s on Vodafone, upgraded to latest software update and phone will not connect by bluetooth to my Bose sound dock 10 (doesn't even see it) nor will it see my new iMac.

    Anyone else able to connect to either?

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