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Question: CalDav / (61)Connection refused: proxy: HTTPS: attempt to connect to [fe80::1]:8443 (localhost) failed

Hi, it seems that iCal, CardDAV etc. are run by some backend daemons that listen on local ports. CalDav service it configured to use either SSL ports: 8443 / 8843 or normal HTTP ports: 8008 / 8800.

I can't access the calendar server. When I do it, I see the following in the apache error log:

61)Connection refused: proxy: HTTPS: attempt to connect to [fe80::1]:8443 (localhost) failed

[Sun Oct 16 15:00:44 2011] [error] ap_proxy_connect_backend disabling worker for (localhost)

I'm not sure if the backend daemons run all the time or started on-demand. If not on demand, than this might be the problem because I don't see any process listen on localhost.8443 Even "serveradmin status calendar" states it's running.

Does anyone has an idea what this problem is about and how to fix it?

MacPro late 2008 & xserve early 2009, Mac OS X (10.6.6)

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Oct 20, 2011 1:51 AM in response to LordLobby In response to LordLobby

So, answering to myself after I solved this. Serveral things:

1. The request is using an IP6 localhost address. So, check if the target is really listening on IP6 or IP4. If IP4 change /etc/hosts to have IP4 as last entry. After this the error message vanished.

2. The next problem was that the CalDav server crashed when starting up, due to some import problems of old iCal data. Of course this resulted that the request couldn't reach its target and hanged. You can see this in the wiki if you want to show a calendar.

The old data is stored in single .ics files, the new data is stored in a postgres database. The import part is scrap as it doesn't handle problems gently by just skipping to the next file.

So, after manually removing file by file that made problems, starting the server over and over (serveradmin start calendar) CalDav finally went through the import and was available.

Oct 20, 2011 1:51 AM

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Question: CalDav / (61)Connection refused: proxy: HTTPS: attempt to connect to [fe80::1]:8443 (localhost) failed