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iMessage will not send. While sending, the progress bar stalls out after sending 90 percent of the way. It hangss for awhile before it tells me the send failed. How do I fix this?

iPad 2, iOS 5
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    I HAVE THE SOLUTION - It's worth shouting about!


    Upgraded 3 devices to IOS5. iphone 4, iPad 2 and iTouch (4th Gen). iMessage activates but during sending message it get stuck at 90%, Facetime stopped working on all 3 devices! All connected through a home network  No luck with any of the suggestions on the internet as to the cause of the problems.


    Took iphone and iTouch to work, connected on the open Wi-Fi there and hey presto both iMessage and Facetime started working!  What the ****?  Brought the devices home and they continued to work on my home network.  Still no luck with the iPad 2 sending to either of the other devices or connecting on Facetime.


    It struck me that there appeared to be an issue with the activation process ( even though it said activation successful at home).  The most likely cause is the DNS server not passing the data through correctly.

    I checked my DNS setting on my router and they were set to Open DNS (, maybe using Google Public DNS would work?  But I didn’t need to mess with the router settings, the DNS on the apple device overrides the router setting.


    I set the Pad DNS (in Wi-Fi settings) to the Google DNS and straight away a mass of “stuck” test messages came through and I could also send iMessages.  Facetime also started working! Yippee! Success!  I reset the DNS back to its original value after I finished and it still works ok ( this is optional as Google DNS is good to use as default).


    So here’s the fix.... it’s so simple!!


    Settings > WiFi > find the active wifi network ( the one with the tick)


    Click the blue arrow> find the DNS entry ( 4th item down), note it’s value.


    In the DNS field – type in


    Click the “home button” and then try iMessage and Facetime.


    (it’s up to you if .want to set the DNS back to it’s old value)

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    Thanks. I changed the DNS to and it worked right away. The stuck messages showed up before I could exit the Settings screen. It took less than 30 seconds to fix. WTG

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    Thanks heaps, this worked for me too :-)

    Very happy