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I have a iphone 4s and Reminders is not working correctly for me. When I choose at On a Day/Time it works fine but the locations are not working. I have my home address under my contact info. And I have also used current location and that hasn't worked either. It doesn't work for leaving or arriving. I ask siri "where do I live and it gives me the correct info. Doesn't anyone know what I need to do to get reminders with locations to work?

iOS 5, iphone 4s
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    I'm having the same problems. I dropped a pin over my house in maps, which reported my address acurately, and set it as my home address. I then went in to my contacts, tapped on my address, only to find that it had moved the pin to a different location, no longer on top of my place. Pretty disappointing. It has to be a google maps problem because that's the app it relies on. Just think if they had to go in manually and adjust all the addresses listed in Google's maps. That would take forever. The same thing is happening at my dad's house too.

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    I think it's a Siri problem, not google maps.  It knows where you live, it just isn't doing the reminders.  There are many sad failures with Siri and iCloud.  My phone has yet to sync with my iCloud account and I haven't gotten a reminder by location to work yet.  Doing the directions on Google Maps works great, however.

    Overall I am disappointed.  I don't understand the need for Siri to be only on the 4s when it needs the data connection to do everything.  Seems illogical and counterintuitive

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    I'm having issues too. When I set reminders for when I leave work, Siri doesn't remind me until I physically unlock my phone. If my phone is unlocked when I leave work, it reminds me right away.   Kind of frustrating. I hope there is a fix for this coming soon.

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    Same issue here. On the iPhone 4. Not a Siri problem, since Siri is only on the 4s.  Location based reminders work when I am leaving a location, but NEVER when I arrive. I can't get it to work at all, unlocking the phone, opening reminders app, opening maps app, etc. I set up a reminder for when I got home, and after 4 hours of being home, still nothing.

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    I'm having the exact same problem.

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    Hi, the same for me. I've noticed one more thing with my iPhone 4: when i set up a reminder, for exemple "leaving home", it works only if the Wi-Fi option is ON. It seems not working under 3G/EDGE coverage, even if the app Maps shows me going far from home... I've really tried to go out for a walk with Maps open and continuosly cheking where am i on the map. When i put 7 km between me and my home, i was really tired and demoralized.

    More, the app "TooRemind" works fine in ever condition of data coverage...

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    I have set up reminders - like yesterday.  I am on wireless all day at work, I asked for Siri to remind me of my dentist appointment at 3:20pm.  I never received the reminder and I was 5 minutes late.  I have set multiple reminders, and I have never received one. 


    I would also Iike it to set alerts in calendar appointments, like remind me 2 days before......but I still have to do that manually.  I know waa - waa.... 


    I have set up my home address and my work address in my contacts.  Have I not done that correctly?

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    I had lots of bother with this when first getting my iphone 4s at the weekend with Siri saying it didn't know my home location... The address was set up correctly in my contact....and selected it when asked.


    When checking now on google maps I can search for my address fine using the contact info..with correct town.


    But when I drop a pin on the correct place on the map for my home it give the same first line of the address but the town etc are totaly wrong. gives the name of the town which is 2 or 3 miles down the road.


    So i have had to use this as my Home address in contacts for the reminders to work.


    Something not right....shows Ok on the web....and showed fine on old OS.....is it just an OS5 issue? Seems to be a problem with Google maps but we notice it because of the reminders problem....


    I'm new to these pages....Do we need to contact support with this or do they check these forums?

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    Same problem here. The reminder set trough Siri doesn't show up when I get home. It used to work on my iPhone 4 with no problems.

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    Same problem, I've tried everything even a reset nothing.  ????????????

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    Thank you, Andrea!!! When I turned on my wii-fi, it worked, eventhough I had no wi-fi connection!!!

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    When I told Siri to remind me to make a calll when I got home, it didn't.  Now whenever I drive by the golf course 1/2 mile away, it reminds me.  Should I move to the golf course??  Why is the location data wrong and how can I fix it?

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    My fix was this:


    You need 1 key thing in order for Siri to remember your location. iCloud. So go get it.


    First: Once you get iCloud, create a Contact for you. To do this: Go into Contacts>Groups (upper left)>All iCloud>"+" (upper right). Make sure you fill out everything (Address, phone number, etc.). Siri will use all of this. Next, you need to tell Siri which contact is yours. To do this: Go into Settings>General>Siri>My info>(select iCloud and your contact as I explained above).


    Second: You will need to make sure that it's set to be the default "Reminder" list. To do this, go into Settings>Mail, Contacts, Calenders>Reminders (all the way at the bottom) and make sure that iCloud is set as default.




    Calenders do not matter, as Siri will add, move, delete from any calender you are syncing (only to the calender you have set as default though).


    Siri will also remember relationships as well as long as you use an iCloud contact. Siri apparently needs iCloud in order to function 100%. Apple doesn't advertise this as a requirement for Siri.