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After updating to iphoto 9.2 and iTunes 10.5 the following problem occurs in apple tv 2:


When I import new photos to iphoto on my new Mac Mini and watch them on apple tv 2, the according new event is shown in apple tv 2 as the last event on the very end (I sort fotos by name putting 201110..+day number on the beginning as event name in descending order). The older events do remaine in the correct order as before (up to an event called "20110924 Marriage ...". So I have to scroll down years on my apple tv 2 to reach the newest events. Only the newest events (since October "20111009 ...") are put to the very end. This is strange.


In iphoto itself everything is fine and in correct order.


I think it is a itunes or iphoto problem on my Mac Mini, because everything is still fine when watching photos from my MacBook Pro iPhoto Library via apple tv 2.


Does anybody have the same problem or know a solution? I already did all the "repair and rebuild things" in iphoto, but nothing helped.




AppleTV 2, iOS 5