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Hey Everyone! I currently updated my iPhone and iPad to start using iCloud on iOS 5. I have it syncing perfectly throughout all three devices (PC using Outlook, iPad, iPhone); however, I have a questions in regards to how iCloud syncs with Outlook itself. I see how iCloud installed it's own views within outlook and when I edit, delete, or add something to iCloud's calendar, contacts, task, etc. It updates on my devices and vice versa perfectly. The issue I'm facing is iCloud's calendar and tasks don't appear in Outlook Today, which gives you the at a glance of everything upcoming in one spot. So here are my questions:


1.) Can outlook (local entries) be synced to iCloud on their own and then pushed to my other devices? It seems that when I setup iCloud, it uploaded and deleted all my local outlook files and put them in the new iCloud views. (which don't appear on Outlook Today). So far, nothing I've added into the main outlook calendar has synced with iCloud.


2.) I don't mind editing iCloud in within Outlook if that's my only choice, but then is there a way to get the iCloud's views listed on the Outlook Today main screen?

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    iCloud is ignoring the default structure of Outlook. Therefore the new iCloud folders in Outlook are isolated and not usable within the given Outlook comfort and standard usability. I removed iCloud from my PC and use Synch with Google again.

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    I think you will find that icloud and outlook is a real problem that needs correction on the part of apple. Have you tried to search for contacts in the icloud of outlook. you can't make outlook search for icloud contacts even when you exclude outlook data files from the search and direct the search at iCloud or even when your in the icloud folder and limit the search to icloud. This is very bad stuff. I had mobileme which was not as fast as icloud in the sync department but much better in the functional aspects vis a vi outlook.

    I use outlook for thousands of contacts and I have found work arounds for keeping the tasks calendars and contacts in iCloud updated but it requires after each session of working with outlook that I look at the default folders for task calendars and what is left of contacts to move them into Icloud. I use the list view in each because it is easier to see if there are entries. I don't leave anything in the default folders for outlook so anything in there has to be moved over. This search problem is going to be a big problem as I want to find a contact and move them into a contact subdirectory. All in all for outlook users this was not a well thought out approach. I wish that apple would have consulted with users of outlook to work around these things. They had a better approach with mobile me integration.

    I am using this method of sync because I want my office to be able to add contacts to my iphone while I'm in the field so that I can contact people and see where they are on the map. You will have to give up things to work with this version of iCloud.

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    From a pure technical point iCloud and Outlook is synchronizing well. BUT:


    From a day to day usability point of view the synchronization between iCloud and Outlook is completely nonsens and useless. WHY:

    iCloud is creating new folders which are not be able to be defined as standard in Outlook. Therefore the usage is more than bumpy as gilbertoamirez is reporting.


    What I´m not understanding is why Apple is going this stupid way. It would be easy to realize the synch with the Outlook standard folders - like iTunes, mobile me and Google Synch which are working fine without corrupting Outlook with isolated folders.


    I removed iCloud from my system. I use Google synch again.

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    I agree. Outlook is searchable for me to locate my customers on previous service calls. Throught the cloud it is not. I am really trying apple but my love for the simplicity for the ipad and iphone is becoming weak. To me when something syncs it meshes. It does not make another folder.And another folder and another one etc.  I appreciate how it was simplistic for you but you made it h*ll on us... Please fix this.. I finally managed to get my stuff back thanks to some very helpful people but now I will have to do like them and enter my data twice  which is what I was trying to avoid in the first place.  I think I'm seeing a new tablet in my future soon with Bill Gates.  And what's up with no flash????? Geez. Everyone uses flash.. I spent a lot of money on my Iphone 4 and I pad two with 3g and dang a few months later you come out with a new and better tablet and phone..  Not a way to make lifetime customers.


    Just my two cents...All I could afford