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I installed IOS 5 all my iOS devices (iPhone 4 and iPad 2) and was really excited to try out the wifi sync, but, its not working.

I've connected them both, one by one to the physically to the computer and checked the box that says "Sync over WiFi" and even plugged it into the wall, but it still won't show up wirelessly in iTunes. Only appears when I physically connect to iTunes with a cable.


When I go to "iTunes WiFi Sync" in settings (on my iOS device) it just has the "Sync Now" option greyed out and says "Sync will resume when <computer name> is available. Does anyone know how to solve this please?


I called Apple and apparently, my phone support is finished and I have to purchase AppleCare to get an answer blah blah..


And Yes, iTunes is running! I've also tried quitting it and opening iTunes again and again. Tried restarting my computer too! Even tried turning WiFi off then on on my computer. Also tried resetting my router itself. Still no luck.


I'm on a iMac if that helps.
I got my devices to appear ONCE and never again after that. Is this something that might be fixed an upcoming update?


iPhone 4, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Hey ive recently had the same problem. I tried connecting it to a power source and had it on the same network with iTunes open on my PC (which is running windows 7 btw) and it didn't work. I then remember a trick I used for when my safari on my 3gs wasn't working. On your phone go to Settings>Wi-Fi and then press the little blue/white arrow on the far right of your network name, scroll down and then press renew lease. I tried it once and it didn't work, but I then spammed it over over over again and after about 4 or 5 times i tried the Wi-Fi sync again, and it worked!


    Hope this helps.

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    I've been having trouble syncing my 4S to iTunes today.  There are many threads which cover this and I've put together this summary of recommendations.  Yes, some are quite basic, but bear with me. Let me know if this helps.


    Wi-Fi Syncing in iOS 5


    1. Have OS 10.6.8 or 10.7 or better on Mac

    2. Connect iDevice to iTunes via cable

    3. Go to iDevice Summary display/tab: Check "Sync with this iDevice over wifi"

    4. Sync

    5. Unplug (do not eject) from iTunes

    6. Plug into another power source

    7. Attempt manual sync (Settings - General - iTunes Wi-Fi Sync - Sync Now)



    - iDevice should periodically sync when plugged into a power source

    -- if connected to wifi

    -- if iTunes is open/running

    - Manually starting wifi sync should work even when not connected to power (use caution)

    - Heavy traffic on wifi network may disrupt or prevent sync with iTunes

    - Using Wi-Fi Sync on Windows is reportedly problematic. It may stop working or work intermittently.

    - iTunes 10.5 beta 9 may NOT work with iPhone 4S


    Troubleshooting steps

    - Confirm OS version on Mac

    - Confirm using iTunes 10.5 or newer

    - Make sure you have already synced iDevice using cable

    - In iTunes Preferences - Devices, make sure "Prevent [iDevices] from automatically syncing" is not checked.

    - Confirm no firewall (OS or 3rd party) is blocking connection (on Mac, turn off firewall if you cannot connect)

    - Restart iOS device

    - Restart iTunes

    - Restart computer

    - Restart wireless router

    - Some report clicking "Renew Lease" on network page may help

    - After taking one, several, or all of these steps return to step #2 at top.

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    If you're running leopard os x 10.5.8 (like half the apple world pre 2010) then wireless sync won't work. They joy of owning apple - 2 years in and you are in the stone ages.

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    The "renew lease" trick worked for me on the first try for my iPod Touch. Thanks!!